Mr. Weaboo, a guy obsessed with anime

Posted under Episode 258, Story On By Chief

You are Mr. Weaboo, a guy obsessed with anime. One day, you hear someone say that anime sucks. You give them the stink eye.

"I can't believe they don't know what anime is!" you exclaim. "It's like Star Wars for adults! I bet if we made an anime, it would be huge."

> You decide to make an anime.
"Anime? What the hell do you think I'm talking about?"

Mr. Weaboo has been watching too much anime lately and he wants to see something more adult-oriented.
You and you friend Tony, a man who has come back to AIPD, brainstorm a list of 10 Anime ideas:
A man stares at his desk, and must decide whether or not to take a new job.
A group of friends go on a vacation.
A man tries to rescue a man from an island prison.
A group of people are trapped on a sinking ship, and must try to escape.
A girl must choose between her friends and her boyfriend.
A man is out for revenge against the people who took his arm.
A doctor studies zombies, and tries to find a cure for the zombie outbreak.
A girl tries to fit in at a new school.
A boy joins the military to help his mother.
A couple are held prisoner on an island, and must find a way off the island.
You choose to write an Anime about a boy joins the military to help his mother and his mother is the dictactor.

Over the next week, you begin making notes for your story. You decide to call it "Sarge's Heroes", because you're twelve.

> You tell your mother you're basing an anime character on her.
You spend the next few days making notes for your story before you realize that you've been spending more time doing this than working on your actual show.
You decide to just start animating without a plot. You show your first episode to Tony and ask what he thinks about it. Tony says it needs more work, so you go back and fix it.
You turn the main character into a Gundam and you change the mom into a giant tentacle monster. You don't change anything else. You show it to Tony again and he says it's a definite improvement.
You and your friend go back and forth like this several times until you've made over 200 cartoons. You spend all of your time working on the cartoons and stop going to class.
You get invited to host a panel at the local anime convention. You don't go to class, but you accept.
You turn your mother's basement into a makeshift TV studio and begin taping your cartoons. When your mother finds out she is furious.

> You sign your mother up for the military without telling her.
You go back to your room and look up military schools online. You call the ones with the lowest acceptance rates.
You enroll your mother in Westpoint, the top US military school, and she gets in. You pay the $500 fee for her application without her knowledge.
You call your mom and tell her the good news. She is ecstatic.
You Mom goes to Westpoint and turns it into her own school which she renames Breast Point.
The state takes away your mother's rights and hires a man to raise you in her place.
Your Mom starts a civil war to regain custody of you.
Your mother gives birth to your sister with tentacles instead of arms.
Your mother dies in a tentacle accident.
The moral of the story: don't sign your mother up for Westpoint.