Jason, a streamer who missed his friend, Tony

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You are Jason, a streamer who missed his friend, Tony, while he was away for a few days because of Thanksgiving. You miss him so much that you cry. One day, Tony comes back during a livestream. Tony looks at your face and says, "You've been crying haven't you?" You stubbornly reply, "No I wasn't." Tony looks amused, while saying, "Aww, you missed me. That's sweet, but there's no need to cry about it." You angrily growl and say, "I wasn't crying!"

Tony then tells you that you're not alone in this situation. He explains that some people have the ability to see ghosts, or spirits, as they call them. Some people can even communicate with these spirits.
Tony tells you all about a ghost that watches him sleep at night through window in his room. The ghost is called Tommy, and he has been haunting Tony since before he moved into the house. Tommy doesn't like being disturbed by anyone, let alone someone who isn't human.
You put on your butter fueled proton pack and go to Tony's house to hunt Tommy.

Once you're there, you are greeted by a tiny girl in a pink dress that drags her feet on the ground as she walks.

> You say "you shouldn't drag your feet". she looks up at you and says.
"Excuse me?" you say.
"you shouldn't drag your feet." she says back, "It's bad for the back." you smile and reply, "I see. Well I must be going now."
Tony turns to you and says "That's Tommy. She's the ghost that haunts me at night." He looks at her and says "Leave us alone."
She looks up at him in confusion and drags her feet away.
You turn to leave the house and see a man sitting in the corner of the room.
The old man is Tony's great uncle who gets up and points at you and says, "You are going die tonight, Tommy told me! Leave now if you want to live." You turn to the door as he turns back around.
You and Tony run out of the house.
You and Tony run out of the house and see Jim standing on the front lawn with a blank face. Jim says "I've been possesses by a ghost gun" His eyes roll in the back of his head and he fires a burst of invisible bullets at you. You manage to run out of the way, but Jim gets hit.
"fucking ghosts man."
Jim drops the guns and it slides across the ground to Tony. As Tony reaches down the gun, you rush over to Jim and see a note pinned to his chest. it reads "I'll be back for Christmas" -Dr. Reindrob-
you quickly rip the note off his chest and shove it in your pocket.
"we need to leave now, I'll explain on the way."
You head to the library to look at old news articles about the mysterious Dr Reindrob. You quickly find the name of a person who knows him. You also find a mugshot of his after his arrest.
You go back to your room and grab your laptop to search for "Dr Reindrob" on Facebook. You find his profile and learn that he went to John Harvard university for undergraduate school then received his PHD from MIT in Cambridge, Mass.
You hear a knock at the door and see someone has left you a strange package. You open it up and see that it is an interdimensional gun - the same one you saw in the article from the library.
Inside the box is a note. It says "If you want to find me, I'm in the place where your dreams and nightmares become real."
You pocket the gun and head to bed.
you awaken in the dream world holding the interdimensional gun and are greeted by Dr. Reindrob he hands you An unused Reindrob blueprint for a foot enlargener. You look at the device and notice there is a large blue diamond in the middle.
"I wanted to be able to run faster so I could get away from angry mobs when my plans fail"

> You wake up in your bed and realize it was all a dream. Then you look down and see you have enormous feet.
You realize this was all a dream and your feet are normal size. You sit up and look around. There is a knock at the door.
It is the corpse of Tommy the ghost and it is dead because of you big dream feet.
"Listen , it wasn't your fault, I was the one who wore the shoes."
It turns out the kid was murdered by his uncle because he caught Tommy wearing his shoes.
the moral of the story: you should accept other's people's dreams.