Charles Ray Bo, the one who did it

Posted under Episode 255, Story On By Chief

You are Charles Ray Bo, the one who did it. Everyone knows you did it, and they won't soon forget. One night in a bar, you took out your frustrations on an innocent woman. You killed her for no reason other than she was different from everyone else around you.
You see an old woman across the street has noticed you and you don't know how much she's seen, but she must be silenced. She notices you, and you feel like shooting her as well. However, she is too beautiful to kill. Her eyes are so sad looking that you can't bring yourself to shoot her either.
"I'm sorry."

> You lean in for a kiss with her and her dentures fall out.
The teeth fall out of her mouth, hitting the ground and denting the cobble stone street. Her eyes widen in surprise, and she feels her lip.
"Oh dear!"

> You make an emotional connection with the old beautiful woman and reveal to her your troubled past.
"I just can't seem to get over my past. I've done some bad things."
The woman looks at you with sweet, sorrowful eyes and takes your hand in both of hers.
You hear a knock at the door, it's Cory, a police officer who thinks you might be a murderer. You nervously lean in for a kiss.
The woman leans, in for a kiss and you feel her dentures jab into your lip.
"What's this now?" the woman says, leaning away.
A knock at the door interrupts you.
Officer Cory steps in and asks if you or the old woman know whose spinal cord this is and he holds it up to show both of you.
"It's probably mine," you say.
The woman's eyes widen and she looks at you as if to say "Are you sure?"
"Yeah. It's probably mine.
Officer Cory looks very suspicious and hands you the spinal cord. Officer Cory interrogates you about your whereabouts tonight.
"I was at the bar, and then my house," you say.
"Which bar?" Officer Cory asks.
You point outside and as Officer Cory takes a look you club him in the back of the head with the spinal cord.
"Go get the car, quickly," you say.
You take the keys from his pocket and tell the old woman to grab a butcher knife from the kitchen.
The old woman rushes back from the kitchen and unprompted starts slicing out the Officer's spinal. You think are falling in love. You rush outside to the squad car that the officer drove in on. You turn the sirens on as you pull out of the driveway.
"What are you doing?"

> You say "I'm getting us out of here, and I love you"
"I'm getting us out of here," you say. "And I love you."
"We'll be safe from the law?" the old woman says, genuinely frightened.

> You say "We will never be safe again. We will also be running from the law."
"We will never be safe again," you say. "We will also be running from the law."
"Perfect," she says, taking your hand for a moment before getting back to chopping up Officer Cory.
You see she has taken his penis as a souvenir. You drive to the nearest orphanage and prepare for the slaughter of a lifetime. You have an army of demons, and you're going to use it in the most horrific way possible.
You drive to Orphanage Delta, where you begin to massacre the staff and the children.After the massacre, you turn to the beautiful old woman and ask, "What is your name and how old are you?"
"My name is Tina, and I'm 26 years old.
You continue joy riding in the police car. Then you drive the car off a cliff holding hands together.
The story ends here.
You went to the extreme and went on a killing spree, ruining your life in the process.
The moral of the story: Be careful who you fall in love with, it may just be your downfall