Luca Márquez, a part of the AIPD as a rookie officer

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You are Luca Márquez, a part of the AIPD as a rookie officer. You meet with your partner Jason and go out for your patrol when suddenly you hear a gunshot behind you.

"Shit! Shit! I think there is someone shooting at us!"
You peek out and see that the person shooting is not an enemy but rather one of your own men. He has been hit in the chest and falls to the ground.
You kneel down and hear Read Shirt, the remarkably unlucky intern, say his final words. He gives you a name, Marco before dying in front of you.
"Shit! He was one of the good ones..." You mutter and start running with Jason after the shooter.

> You read Read Shirt's shirt.
While running, music still blasting in your ears, you read the words on his shirt. The shirt had a bunch of green skulls with wings and little pink flowers coming out of them. The words were "Follow your dreams."

> You chase down the shooter and reveal his identity as.
You chase the shooter into a secluded alleyway where you tackle him to the ground. He is middle aged, bald, and skinny with blackrimmed glasses.

> You say "Why did you shoot at us?"
The man looks at you in surprise "What? I wasn't shooting at you. I was shooting at the man who was shooting at you."
You and your partner look at each other and cautiously let him go.
You go back to AIPD headquarters and search through Read Shirt's desk. You find that following 10 shocking items:
A) He was planning to steal a fortune from the bank by replacing real bills with counterfeit ones.
You wonder if he had the ability to tell real from fake.
B) He was embezzling money from the AIPD and probably killing those who found out.
You wonder if this was why he killed himself.
C) He was stealing cocaine and injecting himself to gain more confidence.
You worry about the fate of the city if he had succeeded.
D) You find out his father was John Lloyd, owner of a family Owned Porn Movie studio.
You wonder if that had anything to do with why he killed himself.
E) He had a crush on Chief Zou and kept journals about how he would do anything for her.
You begin to wonder if he killed himself simply because she scolded him.
F) He began having night sweats about a year ago and sought medical help.
The doctors found nothing wrong with him.
G) His wife, Alison, works as an assistant at the mayor's office.
You wonder if she knew anything about her husband's activities.
H) His favorite color was purple.
You wonder why people would care about such pointless things. You then realize you're still doing it yourself.
I) His most prized posession was a stuffed toy he won at the local fair when he was 10.
The toy was of a dinosaur with a goofy smile and one eye.
You are contemplating all this information when your partner comes back with coffees.
"Hopefully this one won't be suicide related...what's that you got there?"
You show him what your found.

> You read your partner's name tag.
His name is Jake, a good partner. You're sure he loves his family and respects women.
You realize that people aren't either corrupt or heroes. They can be both or a mixture of the two.

> You show Jake what you found.
Jake reads it and shows little emotion.
"Hmm...weird." He says and tells you to put it back where you found it.

> You suspect Jake is a corrupt cop.
You decide to keep investigating.
You get a lead from Alison, Read Shirt's wife. She tells you that his name was Simon but to call him Mr. Parkins.
You say to Alison, " Jake is sus."
"Mr. Parkins...." You say, but Jake interrupts you.
"I knew it! I'm not working with you anymore!" Jake yells and storms out of the building.

> You follow Jake to a unfamiliar location.
You follow Jake to an abandoned building. You recognize the area as one that has a lot of crime.
Suddenly, a car slams into you and you fly through the windshield.

> You struggle with the driver for control of the car. you careen into oncoming traffic.
Your body is compressed between the car and a semi truck. Both of your bodies are unrecognizable.
You wake up in the back of a different car. Toonces the driving cat is at the wheel.  You recognize him as Roger's partner. You sense that you are in the countryside.
You look to your left and see you share a body with the traitorous Jake. You scream! Jake wakes up and screams too!
You find that to get out of this crazy situation, you must communicate with Jake to act like Simon.
Fortunately, Roger is around to help you out.

> You say "Take me to Jake"
"Okay, I'll take you to Jake--in a second. I feel like we have some things to talk about first."
"Like what?"
"Well, like Alison."
You feel a twinge a of anger, which causes your jaw to clench and your teeth to chatter.
"I...I want to talk about Alison."
"Cool, I have a few things to tell you."
As Roger drives down the road he gives you helpful advice.
Then someone begins shooting at you from the grassy knoll. Roger swerves the car, hits a tree and you go through the windshield.
The next thing you know, you're in heaven.
Alison is there to greet you. You give her a big hug.
You lean in for a kiss with Alison as Read Shirt approaches.
"Hello, Mr. Parkins. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
"What are you talking about? I'm dead! I won! I get to stay here with Alison."
"No, I'm afraid you're mistaken. You cheated on a pop quiz and that's against the rules. Bye now.
You reveal your troubled past to Alison.
"Are you insane? What kind of loser tells the girl he loves about his troubled past on their first date?"
"But I..."
The fucking moral of the fucking story: DON'T CHEAT ON POP QUIZES