Braden, a young talented hacker hired by the AI Justice League

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You are Braden, a young talented hacker hired by the AI Justice League (AIJL), a competitor to the highly praised AI Police Department. The AIJL is not doing so well and they are jealous of the immense success AIPD has, so they gave you the job to hack into their on-going AI Dungeon game to mess with them and have their ratings drop low. Shortly after 8 PM on a Monday you hack into their game, they are currently starting with a Meta Monday prompt and Jason is reading it to their viewers. Right after he is done you make the AI write the following text:

"Jason, I know you are really good at this, but you need to stop. You can't just go around writing things like that for your audience."
Jason looks uneasy, but continues on. You have the AI send the following threat:

The rest of the day goes pretty much like yesterday, with Jason playing his game and you writing prompts for him.
You decide to toll the AIPD chat room and say the most horrible thing you can think of:
"If you liked the prompts I was writing for the AIJD, my name is Branden and I'm part of the cutting edge team over at the AI Justice League (AIL).
You make the AI say the following 10 banned words:
Nausea, Plague, Bleeding, Melting, Nightmares, Gay (as in homosexuals), Vomit, Die, Corpse
You decide the AIJD will have a hard time writing anything that doesn't involve those words, and that anything with those words will get a low rating.
You say in chat, "Nausea, Plague, Bleeding, Melting, Nightmares, Gay, Vomit, Die, Corpse ." 
 But you know the one word that will make Jason end the stream and you say it:
You log out of the stream and head to bed.

> You wake up the next morning to the sound of several police officers knocking on your door. "We are investigating the bombing of the AIPD headquarters and saw some messages you had written in chat"
You freeze and feel sweat drip down your face.
"Come out slowly with your hands up," one officer says as they slowly move in with tasers ready.
As you are being arrested, the Door Dash delivery driver shows up with TWO horse ham sandwiches.
You know your goose is cooked, you can't take the fall for this.
You blame the delivery driver and the police believe you and arrest him. You enjoy your horse ham sandwiches as they drive off.
You can't wait to see a horse up close now.
You skip town and watch the news as the delivery driver is let out of jail for having a solid alibi. You watch the interview where he vows to get revenge on you. He releases a picture of you to the news. Your goose is so cooked that you order a pizza with horse meat just to see what it tastes like.
The delivery driver notices you from the News and calls the delivery driver's union to come and beat you up.
You wake up in a hospital, the police are there. They are letting you go due to lack of evidence. You try to explain what happened, but they don't believe you.

> You think of of ten words to describe the taste of horse meat:.
Creamy, Soft, Sweet, Tender, Lean, Iron, Musky, Salty, Caramel, and Passion
You release a Goosebumps story that goes viral about how themed restaurants are run by Cucuza demons.
One day while you are watching the news, you hear about a Cucuza demon that was captured in Romania.
You feel nauseous and throw up your lunch.
You are face to face with the Cucuza demon, it says to you:
"Does this interior decorating style appeal to you? I took out that wall and made the place brighter."
You look down and see the "wall" it was talking about was all the skin on your belly. You watch as he tries to enter you like a parasite. He uses some sort of magic to force you to like him on Facebook. It makes you type out a status about how much of a great person he is.
The moral of the story: Don't read this story.
You press the back button and the whole story disappears. Just a blank white page.