Maude Bronovich, an elderly woman sitting in Olive Garden

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You are Maude Bronovich, an elderly woman sitting in Olive Garden. After seeing someone getting banned for demanding breadsticks, the Kool-Aid Man suddenly busts through the wall. He trips and Kool-Aid spills all over you, however the Kool-Aid isn't normal instead it's a giant bottle of orange soda that has been mixed with some other unknown substance.

> You dip your only breadstick into the kool-aid and note it tastes of:.
The taste is like nothing you've ever tasted before. It was so strong that you had to sit down immediately after eating it.
The Kool Aid Man sees you drink part of him and tells you that you have just ingested some of his blood, and that you are now cursed for life.
He then says he has to hurry and fix the wall before the manager finds out.
The next morning you wake up and realize you are pregnant and also 600 lbs heavier. You level up and gain the following pregnancy powers:
You are pissing some strange orange fluid and you don't know why.
Pregnancy is weird.

> You inform your grandchildren you are pregnant.
You call your grandchildren to inform them of your current situation, they ask how it happened and you tell them the story.
Your children are horrified by your pregnancy. Your grandchildren are into it.
The news spreads quickly and people start flocking to your house, some out of horror, most out of curiosity.
You are are about to give birth and it will be televised worldwide, you see the Kool Aid Man walk in and hold your hand. The pain is excruciating, but the Kool-Aid Man stays by your side as you have your first child.
You have a beautiful bouncing baby girl, with black wavy hair and brown eyes.
Tony, a guy who wants to ask you out even though you're old and just had a baby, walks into the room.  He is stunned speechless by your beauty and smiles.
You are so happy that you married the Kool-Aid Man.
The media is very disappointed that the child appears to be human and leave. The Kool Aid Man tells you that child will have the following Kool Aid powers:
The child will be able to deflect bullets with a shaker of salt and a flick of the wrist.
The child will be able to squeeze through the tightest of cracks.
You and the Kool Aid Man think of a name for the girl and say it at the exact same time:
Your grandchildren run into the room and bring you gifts, your daughter loves you and everything is perfect.
The doctor tells you the baby's blood type is Berry Blast.
The end.
You've unlocked the "Liquid" ending!
The moral of the story: Kool-Aid rules.