Mr. See, a guy who drank a mysterious formula and is now invisible

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You are Mr. See, a guy touring a pharmaceutical laboratory. You find a formula sitting out on the table and drink it because you were very thirsty. You look in the mirror and don't see your reflection. The formula has made you invisible!

The next day you go to the lab and see that the formula is gone. A security guard says he saw someone take it before he could get rid of it.
You prank the security guard because he cannot see you. You tell him you took his bottle cap, but he does not believe you. He calls the police who arrest you for theft.

> You walk out of the police station without anybody noticing.
You walk out of the police station without anyone noticing.
The day after that you realize the police chief put tracking nanobots in the police car. You sneak in and reprogram them to kill him.
You try programming, but it is way harder than you think, so you just make a bomb and put it under the car. But bombs are also hard to make, so you just put a large pile of dog shit in his front seat.
You realize you've made a huge mistake when you get arrested for destroying his car.
You scream as they put you in the electric chair.
The guards laugh, they were just playing a prank on you.  They say that you are so stupid that they had to try everything in their power to see if you would catch on.
You punch the security guard in the face.
You sneak away and go back to the lab to look for a cure to your invisibleness and find Dave Einstein, Albert's American rockstar brother.
You like his music and try to convince him to join you. He says he is in the middle of recording a new album, but agrees to join you on a quest to kill your old enemy, Steve Jobs.

> You and Dave head to Cupertino, California.
You and your new ally travel to a place called California. You are very excited to see this new land. When you arrive an FBI agent stops you and asks you what the hell you think you're doing.
The police officer looks shocked when he sees that Dave is in the passenger seat and it appears no one is at the wheel. You say, "What seems to be the problem, officer?" He backs away slowly and pulls out his gun.

> You and Dave put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care.
You wave your hands in the air and laugh as the FBI agent shoots you countless times.
You wait until the officer has to reload and then you give him an atomic wedgie and speed off with Dave to Steve Jobs mansion.
The police pursue you at dangerous speeds in their cruisers.
The FBI agent behind the wheel fires his gun again and again but hits nothing but asphalt.
Dave crashes the car through the gates of Steve Jobs' mansion.  You jump out and rush towards the house leaving your car and Dave behind. The police follow you into the mansion. You find Steve Jobs in his office.
You show Steve your broken gen 1 iPhone and demand he replace it for free. Steve says he will do so if you can answer his questions correctly.
"What is my name?" Steve asks.
What is your answer?
You tell Steve his first name is Steve.
He asks, "What is my name?"
You say his full name is Steve Jobs.
"What is my name?"
You get frustrated and yell at him, "STEVEN JOBS!"
Steven says, "Your god damn right!" and whips out a double barrel shotgun hidden in his lap. He fires towards the sound of you voice. You are now dead.
Steven grabs your phone from your dead hands. He turns it off, then on again. It works perfectly. 
The moral of the story: iPad 3