Dr Reindrob, the CEO of Rendrob Industries

Posted under Episode 238, Story On By Chief

You are Dr Reindrob, the CEO of Rendrob Industries. You have to make a new Reindrob product to take over the world so everyone will have to use Reindrob. You start researching your new device named The World Taker when suddenly you get an unexpected visitor in your lab. It's a young girl who looks like she is about 12 years old and speaks with a very childlike voice.

> You say "Why are you here?"
The girl looks at you as if she wants to tell you something but doesn't know what to say. She then turns her head away from you and walks out of your room.
You pick up your Reindrob's Addictophone Ray and shoot it at your neighbor who just recovered from his garden gnome addiction. He starts shaking his head and saying what the fuck over and over again.
You then proceed to shoot every addict with your ray, they all shake their heads and curse at you as the addiction disappears.
You flip on the reverse setting of your Addiction ray and attempt to extort money from the addicts you cured. They hand over their cash and you proceed to buy yourself a new house.
You use the rest of the money to fund and finish the development of the World Taker. The World Taker has the following capabilites:
It can take you to any location instantly
It can bring people back from the dead
It can give you super human abilites for 1 hour
You decide to use it to take yourself back in time so you can stop yourself from killing the old CEO and take his place.
You find yourself standing naked in a bathroom.
Tony, your new assistant, is waiting outside the door. He hands you a fresh set of clothes, then goes back to watching BBC during work and yawning.  Your cover is officially blown, but you've got a plan. It's time to meet the board of directors. You quickly get dressed and head over to the conference room.
You see the original Reindrob. His DNA is what all the future clones are base off of. You tackle him to the ground to save him from a sniper attack. 30 minutes later you have all the board members in the conference room. It turns out this was a hostile takeover, the board was planning to kick you out.

> You say "I'd like to see you try" as you activate the following 10 Reindrob products:.
1: The best healing spray in the world
2: The most addicting spray you can think of
3: A spray that makes people love you
4: A spray that makes people fear you
5: A spray that makes people run away in terror from you
6: A spray that incapacitates people
7: A spray that kills people instantly
8: A spray that turns animals into killing machines
9: A spray that turns people into mindless killing machines
10: A spray that controls people's minds
You turn the world investing into something you can control.
There are 10 board members, you use each spray on each member.  You get them to invest all their cash into Reindrob industries. They follow you everywhere, saying what a genius you are. If they try to disobey you, you spray them with the obedience spray.
You tell the original Reindrob that he must continue to run the company because you hate the business side of things. He agrees since he knows if he doesn't you'll kill him.
You control the company, and you control the world.
With all the extra free time, you invest the most popular Reindrob product to date: Reindrob itself.
You make a fortune selling it and become the world's richest man. The whole world is yours' to do what you want with. Which is exactly what you do, nothing.
The moral of story: don't mess with time or the Reindrob.