Big Bertha, you live in Vivisphere, a deathly world inhabited by Titania

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You are Big Bertha, you live in Vivisphere, a deathly world inhabited by Titania. Titania are part woman and part creature of endless variety and gigantic stature. Titania are innately large enough to completely engulf an average sized human and devour them whole. Humans, wildlife, along with other smaller Titania, are the Titania's prey however the Titania prefer humans. Titania prefer humans because the engross themselves in the expressions of despair and depravity expressed by humans while being eaten alive. Titania are feared by humans not merely because they are lower on the food chain, for Titania are well known to TAUNT their meal either by eating a large gathering of humans slowly and methodically ensuring that the screams of each victim echoes throughout her cavernous oral cavity, or terrorizing an individual victim by entrapping them in their voluptuous clutches and gently coerce them into becoming a living suppository or simply into their stomach. The Titania seem to exist solely to consume and fornicate, their appetites knowing no limit.

The day has finally come when you will be able to take your revenge on this wretched place! You have been waiting so long for this moment, it is time!

> You have built a giant mech suit that can devour Titania.
"I'm ready!" You say as you step out from behind the tree.

You grab your backpack and begin assembling the giant robot suit.
You are assisted by Tommy Slutzone, opposite of Tony Tonyzone and a tiny human engineer.
You stand in the middle of your robot suit and feel a satisfying whirr of machinery as you convert from a regular human being into a killing machine which houses an arsenal of weapons including but not limited to, lazers, missles, machine guns, and a giant claw which can be used to pick up vehicles or in your case, large monsters and devour them.
You see a lone Titanian that is part walrus attacking a farmer, you rush over in your mech suit and attack.
The Titanian takes a brief notice of you and then dismisses you as a threat, as it should.
You rocket punch the Titanian walrus woman in the back of the head. She falls to the ground and her neck is broken, she is dead.
The other Titanians near you begin to panic and flee. You've scared them off, for now.

> You head over to a Titanian street fair to find more victims.
You arrive at a large street fair, there are vendors on both sides of the street selling food, games, rides, and various other entertainment.
You get in the Mech and play a street fair game which is rigged, and then you get mad and kill the Titanian carney.
You see a bunch of other games and carnival rides, but decide to ignore them in favor of hunting more victims.

> You unleash your lasers on the booth that sell dreamcatchers.
You punch a whole through the booth with your giant metal fists and grab the dreamcatcher.
" Give me back my son's soul! " You hear a human mother scream from behind you.
You kneel down in the mech suit and tell the human mother you are also human, too. You invite her to join you in killing the Titanians that killed her son and stole his soul.
"Take my hand, I'll help you up," You say to the mother.
The human mother stares at your outstretched hand but does not take it.
The mother tells you violence is not the answer. Suddenly a Titanian from the back of the Elephant Ear line picks up the mom and attempts to eat her. You blast the Titanian with a few rockets from your mech suit and it goes down.
"Take your hand and get in the robot!" You tell the mom.
The mother still does not accept your help.

> You say "Don't you want revenge?"
"I've learned that vengeance will not bring back my son," The mother says.
"But I can help you get your son back!
The mother points at a Titanian. You can hear her son's screams coming from inside the giraffe-like neck.
"Help him," The mother says, "He needs your help more than I do."
You waste no time in rescuing the son from the neck of the Titanian.
You grab the Giraffe Titanian by the neck and slowly squeeze the son out. Then you break the giraffe's neck.
The young boy falls onto the ground and runs back to his mother.
"Thank you," The mother cries as she picks up her son and hugs him tightly.
The moral of the story: violence sometimes does help.
You exit the metal suit and stand next to it.
You walk up to the mother and lean in for a kiss. Instead, she slaps you in the face.
"Hey," You say, as the mother scolds you for your foolishness.
"I thought I was helping you?"