Mr. Trustworthy, a police officer assigned to catch a gang of bank thieves

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You You're Mr. Trustworthy, a police officer who has been assigned to catch a gang of bank thieves. After finding out the apartment building that the thieves have been hiding in, you burst into the building and start fighting the thieves. You knock the thieves to the ground and check on the money. You realize that the thieves stole over a million dollars. You're feeling greedy, so you decide to keep the money. You take the money and leave.

You launder the money at a local laundromat.

You spend the next few days thinking about how much fun this was. The money is yours now. You can do whatever you want with it! But then, you remember something...

> You go back home You return home after your job as an undercover cop. Your parents are happy for you. You think about what you did today. It's not like you had any real choice. They were right; you've always liked to play games. So, you decide to make another game. This time, you'll be the boss.

You put together your own gang.

You call them the Gangsters. Your first order is to kill all the other gangs in the area. Then, you will rule the city. You begin to organize the Gangsters. You tell them where to gather every day. When they come to your location, you give them a gun and say "go!" You also tell them to hide all their loot in a secret place.

You start the largest gang war New York City has ever seen.

You win. Soon, you become the most powerful criminal in the world.

You Your boss at the police station asks you to come in for your job review.

He says he needs to know if you were successful. You say you weren't, but you're sure that you could have done better. Your parents are disappointed by your failure. They don't understand why you didn't succeed. You explain that you just wanted to play games. Your mother tells you she doesn't believe you, because you played too many video games.

You send a couple of your underlings to rough up your parents.

You threaten to hurt them if they try to stop you from doing anything. You get away with it, because you're very strong and fast enough to overpower them. Your parents are angry with you. They blame you for causing their son to fail his job. Your father even calls you a bad parent. His wife thinks you're a bully. She threatens to divorce you.

The gang can't come up with an original game idea so they make a game that's a knock-off of the game where Oprah and Whoopi go to space.

You have to choose between playing or watching TV. Your mom gets mad when you watch TV instead of playing your game. You decide that you'll play while watching TV. You end up losing your life savings. You feel terrible about it. You can't imagine having to lose everything again.

You decide to withdraw your money early from you Gangsters 401K.

You go to see your dad and tell him that you won't be coming back. He's surprised by this news. "I'm sorry son". He says. "But I knew you'd change your mind eventually". Your dad leaves. You decide to change your name to something more appropriate. You pick a name like "Mr. Nice Guy".

You money launderer, the German D guy, tells you that he is having trouble and it appears all your funds have been seized by the FBI.

He suggests that you sell drugs to help yourself out. You agree. You use some of your ill gotten gains to buy marijuana and cocaine. You smoke a lot of it and then you drink a little bit of alcohol. You enjoy these activities for awhile until one night you wake up hungover and realize that you forgot to wash your clothes.

The moral of the story:

Don't mess around with drugs.