Jason, a programmer who makes Apps for Mobile phones

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You are Jason, a programmer who makes Apps for Mobile phones. One day your boss tells you that your next assignment is to make a game featuring Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg. This is your biggest challenge yet.

The Game:

A few days later you arrive at the studio where you meet with your supervisor Mr. Jones.
You brainstorm what the game could be about, you could up with a list of ten ideas:

1) A woman who has a heart attack in her sleep and wakes up as an old lady. She then learns valuable lessons and becomes young again.

2) A ghost who tries to scare people but fails miserably.

3) A bum on the street who gives bad advice.

4) An alien in a spaceship which lands on earth and the people there worship it as a god.

5) A lonely girl who thinks a troll is her friend but it just eats her and uses her skin as a hat.

6) A vampire who falls in love with a human and sacrifices her Vampirism to be with her.

7) An accountant who is really a fairy and can't do magic.

8) An old lady who wins a radio contest to go on a luxury space trip but messes up the arrangements.

9) A pilot who gets lost in outer space and has to return home.

10) A ghost who haunts a hitchhiker causing accidents.

You must choose one of these ideas to make into a game so Mr. Jones asks you to pick one. Which do you select?
You tell Tom Jones, Welsh Singer and your boss, that you are going to make a game about an old lady who wins a radio contest to go on a luxury space trip but messes up the arrangements.
"Excellent choice, David" he replies, "The team will be pleased to hear that."
The next day you begin work on your new project.

> You ask Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg where in space they would like to go.
You track down the celebrities to a large mansion on the outskirts of town. You stand by the gates and press the buzzer. A voice crackles through.
"Go away"
You speak into the speaker.
You explain that you are making a game based on Oprah and Whoopi and would like their creative input. The gate opens and you enter the house to see Oprah and Whoopi sitting on the couch drinking orange juice.
"Hello" you say "I'm David, I'm here to ask you about your trip to space".
Oprah and Whoopi look at each other and then at the floor.

> You say "What's the matter?"
Oprah and Whoopi look at you and break into laughter.
"We were never in space!" they say in unison.
You ask them what they would do if they did go to space. They look at each other again and begin to talk.
"We would..." Whoopi says before stopping.
"We would..." Oprah begins, pausing herself.
They both continue several more times until Oprah shrugs and continues.
"We would..."
She says before stopping again.
"Well that's all we've got."

> You say "TELL ME."
Ophellia and Whoopi look at each other and shrug.
"It's just a rumor we started."
Oprah says, taking another sip of her orange juice.
You take a sip of the "orange juice" and realize it's is mostly alcohol and that Oprah and Whoopi are drunk beyond belief and it's only 1:30pm. You put them both to bed and hope they are more helpful with the game when they are sober.
You head back into the city and work on the game is going.

> You decide Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg will travel Mars in the game.
You start to write the plot that you would like to see in the final game based on your notes from your meeting.
Oprah and Whoopi are in a space craft when it malfunctions.
You decide to make Oprah and Whoopi drunk in the game to reflect how you saw them in real life. Game development goes smoothly over the next few months and you finally have a prototype ready. In the prototype game, you play as Oprah and Whoopi and you have to put different objects into the space ship correctly. You get a lot of positive feedback from people who have played the game and the project is given the go ahead to be released on mobile phones and tablets.

> You oprah adds the game to her list of Favorite Things.
The game becomes wildly popular and it goes straight to the top of the charts. It even becomes one of Oprah's favorite things that month, along with her new favorite diet of bread and water.
Oprah tells everyone in the audience to look under their seats, they all get a NEW PHONE so they can all play the game!  The crowd goes wild.
You go on a two week vacation to Hawaii and drink beer and eat pork. You get sunburned and lose a few pounds. It's great.
The name of the game you made:
When Oprah is in space she gets very hungry and drinks a special diet cola. She falls asleep and wakes up on the moon!