Ellen, AIPD special agent trained for high-risk situations

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Dr. Reindrob's Revenge - Chapter 2

After the incident in Oregon, The R31N-DRO8 robot continued to advance to the east of the country. 

Dr. Reindrob plans to build a giant energy extractor in the middle of the White House to power his new big machine, The Perfect Machine 2.0

You are Ellen, you're a special agent working for AIPD. You were trained for high-risk situations. 

The AIPD has provided you with a prototype of its new robot, The K001-A1d-M4N, a manual control robot created to stop R31N-DRO8.

You're in front of the White House, riding your new robot, in the distance you see Dr. Reindrob and his killer robot, R31N-DRO8, approaching.

"I'm coming!" you shout.
R31N-DRO8 turns around and fires it's experimental ray at you. This ray turns you into a pile of scrap metal!

Ellen arrives just as the ray hits her. She grabs your hand and pulls you out from under the rubble.

> You say "Goddammit, I've failed No Nut November. "
"No one can beat the Reindrob's creations, you were a good try but it is not enough," David said.
"You were a good agent, I will see you soon," David said.

> You say "You realize you have swapped bodies with the K001-A1d-M4N bot, you need to repair yourself so you can follow them. "
"I don't care about any of that, I'm here with you now," David said.
Dave looks at you and smiles.
"I love you," he says.
"I love you too," you reply.
You and David kiss each other in front of dozens of people watching the show, however you do not notice them at all.

> You say "You get their attention and lean in for a second kiss."
"We can't do that here," David said.
"Why not?" you ask.
"Everyone is watching," David said.

> You say "let them"
"Let's let them watch," you say.
"Alright then," David said.
You grab each other in a passionate embrace and start to make out in front of everyone watching the show.

> You start removing each other's clothes.
You and David quickly start removing each other's clothing as you make out.
Once your both naked, you get on top of him and slide down on his cock.
"This is hot,"
Meanwhile, at the White House Reindrob has managed to place the energy extractor. You reveal your troubled past to David. 
You and David have quick sex. Once finished you make your way to the White House.
You level up and gain the following special agent powers:
Action Shot (locked)
Bullet Time (requires level 2)
GPS Tracker (requires level 3)
Super Serum (requires level 4)
Vanquish (requires level 5)
You are level 2
You are Ellen Page, you're a special agent working for the AIPD. You were trained for high-risk situations. Dr. Reindrob is a mad scientist who plans to use all the energy in the world to create his new machine, "The Perfect Machine 2.0".
Remembering your mission causes you to level up again! You gain the following skills:
Intelligence (requires level 2)
Stealth (requires level 3)
Leadership (requires level 4)
Explosive Weaponry (requires level 5)
You are level 3
You are Ellen Page
You use your GPS tracker to find Dr Reindrob. You tell him to give up, but he tells you that you are too late! With a press of a button, the machine activates. You jump out of the way, but the machine explodes.
As you lay dying, David holds your hand. You lose connection to the AIPD computer system.

> You lean in to kiss the AIPD computer system. David is jealous.
"David, if you could, would you trade all the world's energy for me?" you ask.
"I would give everything for you, my love," David says.
David charges the powers extractor, battle Reindrob's robots along the way. You see he is right about to press the self destruct button, when he is stabbed throw the chest with a Reindrob's Lightsaber Sushi Knife.
"NOOOOOO!" you yell.
The world's energy has been freed, but at what cost? David is dead, and there is no AIPD to protect the innocent.
Your rage fuels your mech suit to come back online. You and Dr Reindrob have an epic mech suit battle.
"This is for David, asshole!" you say as you shoot the final blow to killing him.
You walk outside, and see the chaos that has ensued. A new world order has started... it's called the Dark Ages.
The people ask you to be their new king, but you refuse. All you want is to give David a proper burial. 
The people ask you to be their new king, but you refuse. 'A hero's work is never done' you think to yourself.
You are the last hero on Earth...
You hear a slow clap in the distance, you look up and see a Dr Reindrob.
"That was one hell of a story!" he says. "David truly loved you, didn't he?"
You punch him squarely in the face, knocking out his front teeth.
"That was for David,"
Dr. Reindrob teleports into another dimension. You'll have to get him another day.  You set off to become the new king of the world...
The moral of the story: True love never dies.