Anonymous, a man who likes to submit prompts to the hit Twitch Show “AIPD”

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You are Anonymous, a man who likes to submit prompts to the hit Twitch Show "AIPD". One day you are making a prompt when suddenly a red dot from a sniper targets your forehead. You fall off of your chair and die instantly.
...or so you want the sniper to think. You have successfully faked your death. 

As you lie on the floor in pain, you begin to realize that this is all too real. The world has gone mad and it's only going to get worse.
You play dead and get a good look at the sniper while he tries to confirm his kill. The sniper has the tattoo of a raccoon on him. Suddenly, you see a group of them walking out of the trees. It's at that moment you realize...
They got you.
You see it's the entire AIPD squad in the AIPD Chopper-Van, they're here to rescue you. 
You are saved!

Great! You aren't dead yet! That fake-out was a pretty good one!

> You get in the van and to go the the AIPD-team's secret hideout.
You get in the van and get ready to enjoy some of Argyle's legendary ramen. 
As you think about it, you can't wait to get into that delicious broth and perfectly done noodles.
You eat the ramen and ask, "Who is the leader of AIPD: Jason, Tony, Jim or Cory?" You have heard a lot about them in the month you survived in this city. "What are their skills? Are they good? Are they killers?"
"Well, I hate to break it to you kid, but that's a silly question. We're ALL killers here.

> You the AIPD team reveals they have the following skills:.
The AIPD-team reveals they have the following skills:
Argyle is the "weapon expert" using anything from a custom combat rifle to a simple butter knife.
Drake is the "driver" able to get out of any situation, especially sticky ones.
Arnie is the "leader" the smartest one in the group and able to think his way out of tough situations.
You are the "badass" of the group, not so much trained as born to kill.
Arnie interrupts you and says, "Your not in the group..." You look dejected, and Arnine pins a fan badge made of plastic on you. "You are now a Team-Fan, you have no voting rights nor say in anything, but you can gloat over us losers."
"What happened with the other two AIPD Members from my last game?"

> You arnie says "most recruits don't make the cut"
Arnie says, "Most recruits don't make the cut, you are an exception. I still remember the first time I saw Drake and the rest."
Arnie briefly reminisces, before continuing with the story.
You see the story play out in front of you, it's almost like a memory.
Arnie is running down the street dodging a bunch of zombies. He trips and falls on the road, a zombie goes to bite him but he slices its head off with a large knife. He quickly gets up and keeps running through an alleyway.
As the zombies close in, a hand reaches down from the roof. It's Drake! He takes Arnie and they climb up the building.
Arnie and Drake reach the roof. They are greeted by a short man wearing a beanie on his head. "Arnold!

> You mention about the raccoon tattoo you say, and Arnie looks worried. He knows who it is that tried to kill you. Arnie tells you the man with the raccoon tattoo is.
"That was Jim, he was the best marksman we had. I guess you really know how to pick'em kid."
Arnie seems pretty worried about the fact you know someone who tried to kill you.

> You track down Jim at a bar in Thailand, and try and convince him to join the team.
Arnie tells you to relax, and he takes out his phone.
He calls up someone on the phone and says a few words before hanging up. "The team will pick you up soon."

> You see Jim protest, and he gets up to fight you in hand to hand combat. You can only see his forehead, but you'd recognize him anywhere.
You see Jim slowly approach you and Arnie. He wears a beanie on his head, but you can clearly see the raccoon tattoo he has on his forehead.

> You see Jim's Kombucha and give it a try, you say, "wow, this really tasty!" and Jim drops his fists and gives you a case.
You see Jim's Kombucha and give it a try, you say, "wow, this really tasty!" and Jim drops his fists and gives you a case.
Great Success!

> You got Jim to rejoin AIPD! Unfortunately, the Chopper-Van can only carry 4 people, so the team has to leave you in Thailand. You watch as they fly into the sunset and you wonder how you'll get home.
Later that week, Z-TV comes out with a special episode of AIPD. It seems they are doing an expose on your death.

> You sneak onto a cargo boat and arrive in the US. You head home and turn on the new episode of AIPD.
You turn on the TV and see the the new episode of AIPD.
It seems that Jim, Arnie, Drake, and Harvey have decided to investigate the disappearance of Chris.The moral of the story:
Never hire a private detective, you are more likely to get killed by one than find out anything.
The episode ends and you see a special afterward. It seems that you have been reported missing and they are rerunning the episode to help find out what happened to you, with the hopes that you are still alive.
The TV cuts out and a dark figure walks in. "Hello Anonymous, I've come to kill you."
You turn and see that its Jim!