Hiro Takasashi, a photographer from Kyoto

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You are Hiro Takasashi, a photographer from Kyoto. You're taking a holiday in a small rural village called Tsenki. On a warm summer night your head begins to throb and when you look up you see a large black cloud approaching. It's coming right for you!

The only thing that can save you is the camera in your hands, but it seems like everyone else has left this place already...
The smoke from the black cloud surrounds and then starts to take the form of a creature. The creature looks very similar to one of those creatures you've seen on TV before, except its much larger than them.

It stands at least ten feet tall with long sharp teeth and claws for fingers.
You stand very still and slowly take a picture of the creature. You forgot you have the flash on and it spooks the creature.
It swipes a claw at you and catches your arm. You try to run but the creature grabs you by the head and smashes it into a nearby tree.

> You challenge the creature to a game of basketball. You are very good at basketball.
You think really hard and disappear from the creatures sharp vision. It looks around confused at first, but soon it realizes that you must be hiding nearby.

> You emerge with a basketball in your hand. you dunk in front of the creature and wash it in shame.
This tactic seemed to have worked as the creature slowly backs away from you.
You walk slowly out of the alley and into a nearby basketball court. You begin shooting hoops, nothing but net.
A scout for the NBA just happens to walk by and see your amazing B-Ball skills. You say to him, "Are y'all ready for this?" and he replies, "Yes."
You tell him that you are ready for the NBA and the NBA only, it is the best basketball league in the world.
You are signed with the Toronto Raptors and due to an injury, you are playing a game tonight. You sit in the locker room and try to bond with your fellow teammates.
You have a 15 point lead at halftime and begin to feel overconfident.
As you are shooting the first basket of the second half, you think you see a figure in the rafters.
The mysterious figure drops a vial which appears to be mutant DNA from the creature you saw in the black cloud earlier.
The vial shatters and the air is instantly filled with a gas of some sort.
You begin to feel pain all over your face, arms and legs.
You shoot a basketball shot and it goes so fast that it break the backboard and flies out of the stadium.
The fans begin to leave the stadium as quick as possible.
You hear a scream from one of your teammates who is covered in boils, his skin is green and black.
You decide to stay and finish the game. Everyone is breaking out into boils except for you. You decide to do an alley-oop but you pass right through your teammate.
You begin to hear voices coming from inside your head...

> You say "Who are Antares?"
A demon appears behind you.
You challenge the demon to a game of Horse.
He accepts, but you realize you don't have a deck of cards with you.
The demon goes into the suitcase.
You remember that you have an unopened pack of cards in your pocket.

> You open the pack of cards and shuffle the deck.
You start to shuffle the deck but the cards are warm to the touch.
A strange feeling washes over you and you are transported to a different dimantions...
You look around and see demons everywhere.
You don't feel pain anymore, but you are trapped in this new world of suffering and torment.
The demons begin to chant your name.
The moral of the story: don't be swole and try to look at yourself from the outside once in a while.
You have been warned.