Virtual Jim, an aspiring writer

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You are Jim, an aspiring writer. You have been suggesting prompts for your friend, Jason, to make stories about on the hit Twitch.TV show AIPD. However, you have to compete for attention with Anime 2020, AIPD's most obsessive fan. You decide to feed Anime 2020 to a group of bats as an ironic form of revenge since he's also an obsessive Batman fan. With him out of the way, you are now AIPD's most prominent prompts writer. Everything is going great, until Jason starts asking where Anime 2020 went. You say, "Um, I think he moved." Eventually, Jason is found dead with a bag wrapped around his head. Did you kill him?

DIRECTIONS: Please write a story with the "AIPD universe" as the prompt.
Detectives arrive at your house and want to question you about the death of Jason. You know you did not kill him. There is too much to prove why you did not kill him. You knew he was into AIPD as much as you are.
You meet Cory, a detective scarred by the Mark of Azathoth, torturing his mind but giving him strange powers. He has been drawn to you by the void. 
You find a strange book on your bookshelf. It's title "The Strange Case of Jason and the Unspeakable".

> You open the book and begin reading it.
You find a second book titled "The Strange Case of Jason and the Unspeakable".
You finally see a third book called "The Strange Case of Jason and the Unspeakable".
You open the book to a random page and read the first paragraph, it says: "He was a sickly man and his thin body was wracked by pain, but his eyes were alive with a fierce intelligence. He was consumed."
You turn to page 95 and read the following: "I found the body wrapped in a strange black cloth with a belt and an emblem reminiscent of the Black Winged Ones about its waist."
You continue reading and find out that it was definitely not a suicide.
You are worried you aren't getting any clues, you turn to page 666 in desperation and read: "The sun rose on a blood-drenched shore. We do not speak of what we see on that cursed beach, but I fear that it is there that the worst of what happened occurred."
You know what beach this is, it's has to be Stony Creek. You head there right away and see Tony standing there staring into the waters.
You approach him cautiously and shake his shoulder.
He turns around and you see a look of horror on his face, then he punches you in the face.
You wake up in a dark room.
Tony is in the room with you. He tells you he is hiding from a monster he saw in the water. 
You tell him not to worry, you come up with a plan to escape.
You attempt to open the window, but it is locked.
You pick up the end table and throw it through the window. Tony rolls his eyes, but follows you.
You escape before the monster can get to you.
You know the monster is in the water, but there is nothing you can do about it now. You just have to keep your distance.
The monster starts to emerge from the water, you can't believe your eyes. It looks like a large black blob with a small red eye. 
Before you can do anything, the monster lunges at you and swallows you whole.
Cory begins to fire his revolver at the monster. You try your best to tell him it's useless, but he won't listen. You decide there is no way out of this one.
You wake up in a strange, dark room.
You look at walls and see black goo dripping down. This room must be inside the monster! You see Cory and Tony are with you and you also see a cloaked figure who reveals himself to be the real Jason!
You ask him what you are going to do now.
He says there is only one way out of this mess. He pulls out a dagger and makes an incision in the belly of the monster.
The monster roars, but Jason keeps cutting. He leads you, Cory and Tony out of the monster and into the water. 
You can hear the screams of the monster as it dies.
You have only survived your second brush with death thanks to you and your friends' quick thinking.
Something isn't right though, the monster sinks back into the water. Everyone else celebrates, but you look at the moon and see it's still there. It appears to be getting larger.
You think about the moon on the cover of the book and know what you have to do.

> You say "You have to"
You have to go to the island. You knew this all along, but you tried to ignore it.
You go to the island and see a bunch of cultists in a circle chanting. You pull out the book and read the sacred incatation:
You feel a great power flow through you and cast the cultists aside. 
You read the rest of the incatation and see the moon grow larger.
You panic and then it hits you to read the passage backwards:
The moon shrinks back to normal size.
You think about what happened and realize that the cultists must have summoned it all along.
The moral of the story: Don't mess with the occult.