Plane Guy, a person that uses a plane as a weapon

Posted under Episode 230, Story On By Chief

You are Plane Guy, a person that uses a plane as a weapon. You are currently hated by the internet and you must escape from this hate crime. You must run away as far as you can while dodging obstacles and collecting points.
You trip over a rock and crash you planes into the badlands. You knew you shouldn't have watched those plane crash videos. You now have to set up your plane for another attempt.

> You get in the elevator of a large building to jump off and give your planes a good start.
The elevator goes all the way up to the roof. The only thing you can think about is planes. Your dreams are filled with these flying machines.
A man in a Garth Brook T-shirts spots you and asks if you are Plane Guy. 
You are too concentrated on your desire to fly, so you nod your head and run towards the edge of the building. The man tries to stop you but knows he is outmatched. You jump off.
You nosedive but sudden it works and you take flight. Now it is time to take fight.
The plane is moving too fast. You speed through the city while avoiding obstacles such as mountains and houses.
You are so high up, you can see the Grand Canyon.
You encounter a 747 and hail it to see if it is friendly. It is not. It shoots a missile at you, which you dodge. You then use your machine guns to shoot down the plane.
You land on the ground and people start to approach your plane.
The people ask you to tame the 747, which has been terrorizing their town. 
You take a big swig of your water bottle and fly off in the direction of the plane.
You get into a giant dogfight with the enemy plane. You fire your giant machine guns at it, but the 747 is too big to go down from this. You then think of a plan.

> You throw a saddle on the 747 and ride it into submission.
You put the saddle on the 747 and jump on it. You use your machine guns to shoot the plane so it can't fight back. Your plan works and the 747 flies into a mountain.
You fly away and check the news. You see a News reporter on the scene with breaking news:
The internet has found out you are Plane Guy and is coming towards your location.
You panic and fly as high as you can while dodging asteroids and airplanes.
You are so nervous, you've never flown this high before. You pull out some Skooma and try to ease your nerves.
You shoot the Skooma into your plane, but it has no effect.
You see a large crowd coming from the horizon. They are online and they want to kill you for making them feel bad.

> You yell at the crowd through your intercom. You tell them they should be grateful that you killed the 747.
The crowd doesn't care about the 747 and want you to stop being Plane Guy. You continue flying, but the crowd continues coming.
You see a billboard and land on it.
You address the angry mob once again and say, "I can't stop being Plane Guy, it's who I am. If that is such a problem, then may Cthulhu strike me dead right now!"
A light shines from the sky onto the top of your plane. "Cthulhu accepts your prayer."
You see a giant tentacled head looking at you from the sky.
You take Cthulhu's tentacle and ascend to the sky.
You have become the chosen one of Cthulhu!
You lean in for a kiss. You then throw him back to his throne.
You fly through a black hole and arrive on another plane.
The moral of the story: never mess with Plane Guy.