Tom Nook, owner of Nook Inc

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You are Tom Nook, owner of Nook Inc. With the help of a funny-looking human, you have attracted 10 animal villagers to live on your tropical island. Every single one is in massive debt to you. One night, they form into an angry mob after KK Slider cancels his weekly concert. You barricade yourself in the Resident Services building, but your debtors are determined to get in! You and your co-conspirators Isabelle and the human must find a way to escape the island!

• A story about the bonds between humans and animals, set against a beautiful tropical island

• Over 100 animal characters with unique personalities and behaviors

• Dozens of objects that can be used as tools or weapons

> You need a tractorcopter pilot to fly you off this island.

If you want to play the game, here's how:

1) Download the .zip file from here (or use any other download link).

2) Unpack it.

> You download the .zip file.

3) You're now looking at a directory of files. This is the game!

4) Pick an animal to play as. Each one has different abilities.
You list the ten animals that you can play as:
1) Tom Nook: Owns the town's only store. Once, he loaned you money for a new wardrobe.
2) Mabel: Owner of the only restaurant in town. She once served you the most delicious meal you ever ate.
3) Sable: A wealthy, stylish hedgehog who has everything from a designer purse to a racing snail.
You choose Tom Nook because you are vein and egotistical.
4) There are three modes to choose from: Adventure, Free Roam and Multiplayer.
You enter Adventure Mode.
5) You need to find a way off the island. Are you up to the challenge?
You eat Spag Bol's with your buds.
6) During the game, you can choose to play as any of the characters at any time!
You give up and go back to bed.

The next day, you...

> You go and play something more fun.
You spend the rest of the weekend playing video games. You're surprised to find that your save files from last week are still present, and that your characters are still alive!
You try to open the game but when you double click you notice you opened "super-virus.exe" and it takes over your computer. It's game over for you.

> You go to your backup files.
You go into your backup files to find that all of your files have been deleted. You can get one file back every 10,000 points you get on a new game.

> You say "Dir "
You are in the subdirectory "gamesaves".
There is one save file here, for the game "Dating My Mom!".
You open the file.
Congratulations! You've loaded the file with a score of 20,000.
You can now choose to start a new game or load this file again.

> You load the file again and select "Take Mom to Movie."
You watch a movie with your mom.
You save a screenshot to your files. You can view it later.
You have now unlocked the following achievement:
This is the last time you see your mom again.
In the game, you see your mom walk outside slowly and then go straight into traffic. It is all your fault. You killed her.
You begin to cry as you have lost your mom.

> You save a screenshot to your files. You can view it later.
You have now unlocked the following achievement:
In real life, you receive an achievement for killing your mother. You are congratulated on your murder.

> You are given a car bumper with your mom's bloodstains on it as a gift.
You put the bumper on your wall.
You begin to cry as you have lost your mom.
Your mother, go out and buy a PSP or something. This has gone way too far.
The maker of the game sends you an award for being the first person to 100% the game.
The award is in a package.
You open it to find...

> You say "dir"
Files in "~Dylan":
1. !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!.txt
2. txt
3. txt
You open the top text file and read:
It's the start of a new week at school. You arrive to your first class, AP Euro, and sit down. You see Becca, and you also see a new girl you've never seen before. She has beautiful long blonde hair and brown eyes. She smiles at you. You are very attracted to her. You have a class with her right now.
You have a math next, and then you have lunch. You really want to talk to the new girl, Becca.

> You walk over to the new girl and say, "Sup?"
You walk over to the new girl and say, "Sup?"
The girl looks at you in surprise. "Do I know you?" she asks.
The attractive boy sitting next to her turns around.
The boy confronts you.  "Who the fuck are you?"
The boy looks vaguely familiar. "I'm in AP Euro with you," you say, expecting him to remember you. He doesn't.
"Are you?" he says.
You look up from your computer and see the boy from the story standing there. He has a weird digital distortion to you and you see his shirt says "super-virus.exe". In his hand he has a submachine gun with a large silencer attached to it.
"Are you ready?" he asks in a monotone voice.
You flip over your desk and duck and cover.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he screams.
You hear a gunshot and feel a rush of air as the bullet just misses you.
"What are you doing?" you scream.
You him a joke, "What did the doctor says to the groundhog?  'Six more weeks of school!'".
"Fuck you!
You see a copy of Norton antivirus sitting on the floor, you throw at the boy and he explodes.
You flip over and see the girl from the story. "It's you!" you say.
"Yeah, it's me," says the girl.
You stand up.
You lean in for a kiss.'
"What the fuck are you doing?"
The girl turns into a frog.
You turn around and see the story-maker behind you. "I'm ready now," he says in a monotone voice.
The story-maker punches you in the face. You fall to the floor and he stands over you. He picks up the Norton antivirus CD and puts it in your CD-ROM drive.
The moral of the story: Antivirus software saves lives.