Murray Franklin, a talk-show host that’s known for poking fun at his guests

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You are Murray Franklin, a talk-show host that's known for poking fun at his guests. Your latest guest is a struggling comedian named Arthur Fleck. To your surprise, he comes to the studio wearing clown makeup and insists on being called the Joker. You figure there's a lot of clown-related wisecracks you can make, so you go along with Arthur's eccentric requests. Eventually, your show starts and Arthur gets onstage. He introduces himself as "the Joker" and begins to act out some of his most famous pranks. It doesn't take long before people start getting uncomfortable and leaving the room in disgust.

> You call the Joker over to sit on the couch next to you.
You walk up to the couch and ask if you could sit on it. The Joker looks at you suspiciously, but agrees when you tell him that he should do something more interesting than just stand around all day.

> You tell the Joker his act isn't very funny.
"The problem is, your act isn't very funny," you say to him.
The Joker laughs in response. "I'm not a comedian, I'm the Joker!" he says gleefully.

> You say "if you're the Joker then tell us a joke."
"Ha!" the Joker laughs. "I thought of the joke before you did."
The audience groans at this bad joke. The Joker continues to laugh, but you can see in his eyes that he's angry.
You pull out a gun that everyone THINKS is the gun that shoots out the flag that says, "BANG"; but the joke is on them! It's a REAL gun! You point at the Joker and say, "Last chance to make me laugh, funny man. Tell me the best joke of your miserable life OR ELSE!"
You point the gun at his head menacingly. His eyes give away no emotion, but the rest of his face looks like it's screaming in terror.
You pull the trigger. The bullet enters the Joker's skull and quickly stops his heart from beating.
Somehow the Joker is still alive. He stares at you and starts laughing maniacally.  "You'll never destroy my spirit," he says, and then falls dead.
You have killed the Joker, but you feel absolutely nothing. You're just glad that he's gone.
The TV Studio covers up the murder and Joker's death is ruled to be of natural cause (heart attack). You can't sleep at night from the guilt and then you hear laughing from your living room. You get up and see Joker standing there. "It's finally time to end this," he says. You try to explain, but he won't hear it, and beats you to death with a leftover prop from your show.
The prop from your show was your favorite prop:  a giant foam finger.
You haunt the Joker and make his life a living hell from the grave. As a ghost, you unzip his pants and regularly ties his shoes and push him over. He never understands why.
A year passes and the Joker is found dead from laughter-induced heart failure.
Your soul slips into the Joker's body. You are Murray, but everyone thinks you are the Joker.  A cop shoots you five times and you die again.
You come back to life as the foam finger. The only part of you that's alive is your thumb.
You try to call for help, but your foam finger is too soft to dial any numbers on the phone.
You're never found and you spend eternity as a foam prop forever.
The moral of the story: Do not make the Joker angry. He knows where you live.