Conway Cromwell, in a shotgun shack with a beautiful car and a beautiful wife

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You are Conway Cromwell.

You find yourself in a shotgun shack with a beautiful car and a beautiful wife. You are 46 and questioning your life up until now. You think you should go to bed early tonight. When you wake up you can't find your beautiful house, you can't find your beautiful wife. What are you doing here?

> You stay awake You decide that staying awake is the best course of action. The next morning you wake up to the sound of a gunshot followed by a thumping on the door. You open it and see a man dressed in black holding a pistol. He looks at you and says, "I'm sorry about this". "Who are you?"

You say "Where are my house and wife, in that order?"

"They're not here" he replies "We were driving past your house when we noticed a police car following us. We thought maybe someone was breaking into it so we pulled over and waited for them to pass before opening fire". The man's story doesn't add up. There is no way you could have been following the cops if they were following you.

You get into a fistfight with the man in black and get shoved into a ravine. you follow the water flowing underground.

Eventually you reach a large cavern where a giant spider crawls around. It suddenly jumps onto you. You try to escape but the spider grabs you and begins eating you alive! The final scene shows you lying dead in a pool of blood with a huge spider sitting above you.

You A mysterious gnome brings you back to life. "Come with me," he tells you.

The Gnomes take you through a series of rooms filled with strange machines. They tell you that these devices will help you return to your body. Eventually you arrive in a room full of mirrors. The Gnomes place a device on your forehead which causes you to look at yourself from every angle. Then they turn off the lights and lock you inside a coffin-like box.

You are imbued with a single purpose, to find your friend Cory a bucket. you emerge from the coffin refreshed and prepared for bucket hunting.

You walk down the road towards Cory's house and eventually you spot his truck parked outside. Suddenly a loud noise is heard behind you. You turn around and see a truck flying straight towards you. As the truck passes you, it slams into the wall of a nearby building causing it to collapse. You are thrown clear and land hard on the ground.

You see a man stumble out of the driver's side of the truck. You realize it is...

> You run away as fast as you can You run after him, hoping to catch him before he crashes into something else. You run as fast as you can, but the truck keeps going. You don't know what happened to the other person in the truck, but you hope it isn't you.

The truck crashes into a light pole, you look in the drivers seat and see the man driving is actually

Cory. A few hours later you manage to track Cory down. He tells you that he had just left his girlfriend's house when a tractor trailer crashed into the front of the house. The truck then went through a fence and smashed into a tree. You both fall asleep during the night and you awaken to find that your phone has died. You call your sister who lives in Canada.

You give Cory his bucket.

Your sister answers and says she'll be there soon. She goes on to explain that her boyfriend works at a local gas station and he knows how to fix things. You thank her and hang up. You head home and check your phone again. Your sister has called you again. "Hey are you okay?" she asks. "Yeah I'm fine".

You level up and gain the following truck related powers:

Power Truck Driver (Passive): You become more skilled at driving trucks. Power Tractor Driver (Passive): You become more skilled at driving tractors. Power Tanker Driver (Passive): You become more skilled at driving tanks. Power Helicopter Pilot (Passive): You become more skilled at flying helicopters.

The moral of story:

Don't drive too fast, you might kill somebody.