John Smoothness, major investor of Reindrob Industries

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You are John Smoothness, major investor of Reindrob Industries. You are angry and ready for revenge. Reindrob wants you out of the business, so he can make more money and finally buy the whole Earth and reign over the whole planet himself.

Reindrob is a greedy bastard who has been ripping off the world for years. He's got his hands in every dirty industry imaginable, from drugs to prostitution to illegal gambling.

> You plan to force Reindrob out of the business by.
The first thing you need to do is get rid of Reindrob. If you don't, then he'll just find another way around your laws and take over the entire world. Sooner or later, he will.
You make a list of three of the weakest Reindrob business that you can infiltrate, they are:
The Tradewars is a massive online trading game that allows players to buy and sell items for in-game currency, which can then be traded for real money.
The Tradewars is not only huge in terms of player numbers, but also in terms of in-game content. The game spans multiple galaxies, stars and planets. To top it all off, the Tradewars has an in-game banking system that allows for deposits and withdrawals of real money.
You mortgage your house and quickly become the top Tradewars player in the world. You are invited to Reindrobs HQ for the tournament Tradewars Wars. You agree, because you need to get into Reindrobs house to plant a bomb.
At the tournament, you slaughter everyone and make it to Reindrob himself. The old man is surprised.
Reindrob says, "So you've finally made it to me, We shall fight. But first, I'd like to talk about Trade: Shadow Legends" to which you say, "Nope."
The fight is easy. You break his arm in the first round and he begs you to stop.

> You lean in for a kiss.
Reindrob, in his dying breaths, whispers "Thank you." before passing away.
With Reindrob out of the way, it's time to clean up the rest of the Trade: Shadow Legends.
Just then, you hear a voice on the PA: "Good job killing my clone John." and then the REAL Reindrob descends from the ceiling laughing in a giant mech suit. The two of you brawl all over the arena, destroying everything.

> You place A pin on the mech suit that says "reindrop is a big smelly willy"
You and Drake begin fighting. You grab a pin and place a sign that says "Reindrob is a big smelly willy." on his mech suit, and the fight begins.
You accidentally stick a pin in the mech suit power socket, it short circuits and self destructs.
You are the hero of the day and celebrated for putting an end to the criminal organization known as Reindrob.
You look around outside and take a deep breath. You've done it, or so you think! You see everyone on the street starts to transform into Reindrob's.
"Wait, it was all a dream!" You shout to nobody. But it's too late. Incoming!
You fight Reindrob after Reindrob, but they just keep coming. The world is lost to you.

> You begin to suffocate under the pile of Reindrobs.
You are eaten alive by the army of Reindrob clones.

> You are absorbed into the Reindrob Matrix.
You are absorbed into the Reindrob.

> You start taking over and infecting the Reindrob clones.
You begin to take over the bodies of Reindob clones.
Soon, you've taken over the entire planet and enslaved everyones minds. The real reindrob is killed in the chaos.
You turnaround and look into the mirror. You were Reindrob the entire time.
You type MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, before you decide to delete this whole story off of the internet.
The moral of the story: Don't copy paste stuff you find on the internet.