Zhao the Conqueror, moon slayer

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You are Zhao the Conqueror. You are the moon slayer! You will capture the Avatar! The Avatar is a man who has battled dragons, slain trolls and faced his own mortality. He's strong, he's fast…he can save this land from the Fire Lord's tyranny!"
"I'm not going to capture him," you say. "He's too powerful."
Zhao looks at you in surprise for a moment before shaking his head.
You decide to take on the Fire Lord without the Avatar. You march into his fortress and fight. You fight countless of his soldiers, you dodge dozens of blasts of fire before you manage to defeat the Fire Lord.
The Avatar shows up right as land the final blow and tries to take credit for defeating the Fire Lord.
"I did all the hard work!" the Avatar says.
"I was the one who came up with the plan!" Zuko says.
"Shut up!"
You start to wonder if the current Avatar is a fraud and that you might be the true Avatar.
"Well, well, well. Look who finally showed up," you say.
"What?" the Avatar says in confusion.
You punch the Avatar in the face and knock him back.

> You use your airbending powers on the Avatar.
You raise your hands up and bend a powerful blast of wind at the Avatar. The blast hits him in the chest, knocking him down.
"Why did you do that?" Zuko asks.
"Shut up!"
The Avatar starts crying. 

> You make the Avatar cry.
"Stop! Stop!" he says, covering his head with his arms.
You punch him in the face again. He begins bleeding from the nose.
"Why are you so angry?" Zuko asks.

> You say "SHUT UP!"
"Shut up!" you say.
"Stop hurting him!" Zuko says angrily.
You turn around to see that Zuko has drawn his sword. He points it at you.

> You start crying.
"You think I'm the bad guy? You're not the good guy, either."
"Get out of here," Zuke says. "You're not helping."
You turn and run away.
You create a fire tornado and ride out of there. You go back to town and tell the people that the Fire Lord has been defeated by YOU! They're so proud they make you the Prince of the City!
You are honored. You wonder why Zuko didn't come too. You suspect he might be dead.
You go on the search for Zuko, you search his house and find nothing. You look around for clues and see that the door is partially ajar. You decide to go inside.
You call out for Zuko. No answer. You go deeper into his house, looking in every room.

> You find a note on his desk. The note says.
If you're reading this, I'm gone. I'm sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye. I have to do something and you can't stop me.

> You realize Zuko has gone into the spirit world. You enter the spirit world to find him.
You enter the spirit world. You can't do anything in here without a body so you need Zuko.
You see Zuko floating around, he's dead. You run over to him and touch his shoulder.
Zuko posses you. You can now do things in the spirit world.
You wonder what to do next. You wonder if it's even possible to bring Zuko back to life.
You find the Avatar and ask him for help. The Avatar is happy to see you and explains that he was killed the day before you were killed. You are shocked at this revelation.

> You beg the Avatar to save your brother Zuko.
"I'll try," he says.
He begins the ritual. He sits down cross-legged and meditates. He begins to glow.
"What happens now?" you ask.
"We wait,"

> You wait as hard as you possibly can.
You and the Avatar wait for 3 hours. Finally the Avatar opens his eyes.
"He's back," he says.
You run outside and see Zuko standing there. He's alive!
The moral of the story: Your brother may be dead.