Razor X, a cybotic Vigilante who wants revenge on Mr Scarface

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You are Razor X, a cybotic Vigilante who wants revenge on Mr Scarface, the man that made you into the cyborg you are now. You need to infiltrate Scarface Industries and find out why he chose you to be his first Cybotic prototype. The office of Scarface Industries is heavily guarded by Mr Scarfaces Highly trained Super-soliders. They have been augmented with cybernetic implants and weapons that would make any soldier jealous.

The door opens up to reveal Mr Scarface himself, wearing a business suit.
You spit acid into Mr Scarface's face, scarring his more and activating his chainsword arms. He grabs your arm and throws you against a wall, breaking several bones in your body. You fall to the floor in pain.

> You say "Hey, that hurt, Mr. Scarface!" "
You yell "Hey, that hurt, Mr. Scarface!"
Mr. Scarface pulls out a Plasma pistol and shoots you in the chest with it.
Jason, the leader of the guards, is armed with a butter knife and comes to your aid. You attempt to take of advantage of Mr. Scarcfaces injured state and fight back, but he manages force you against a wall again, this time breaking your arm. You yell in pain.
You die.

> You the robotic part of you runs away and drags you to the secret laboratory where you were created.
Demonic voices fill your head, and hands tear you apart. You're in so much pain you're begging for mercy...
The demonic voices are gone... Everything is gone.
You wake up, Jason is standing over you cooling your forehead with some butter.
"Ah! You're awake Mr.Razor! How do you feel?"
"Like someone shoved an engine in my chest and set it on fire." You groan as you sit up.
You look down and see the engine of a Toyota Corolla sticking out of chest.
"The Toyota Corolla engine will do that to you."
"Yeah, I noticed. How long was I out?"
"2 Days."

> You ask Jason if he has installed teledildonics in you.
You have to ask.
"Hey, did you install those features in me?"
"No, I installed a normal arm cannon, a flamethrower, and a tesla cannon." He says proudly.
You level up and gain the following Toyota Corolla powers: Fuel Efficient, Unsuspecting Target, Small Car, Easy to Maintain
You look at yourself and notice your arm cannon has a massive bulge in the middle of it, you also see a hole near the end of it.
"What's this?" You say as you point to the hole.
"Oh, that's for your dick, I thought you'd want one." He says with a wink.

> You say, "It's my secret weapon" and set off to get revenge on Mr Scarface.
You set off to get revenge on Mr.Scarface, he is waiting for you in front of his office. He waves his hand and the doors open.

> You show off your new upgrades.
You walk in with your head held high. You flex your new arm cannon and flick your dick out of the hole.
Mr Scarface's eyes widen as he backs up quickly and trips over a table.
You rip of the teledildonics chip from Mr Scarface's cybernetic body and walk out of the factory to see all of his super soldiers waiting to attack you. They all point their guns at you, but you rip them out of their hands and beat them to death with the guns. They explode in a burst of blood and metal.
Mr.Scareface runs to a computer and tries to hack into it and escape through cyberspace, but you walk over to him and tear out his cyber brain.
You toss it in the trash and walk outside.

> You see Mr. Scarface's girlfriend crying, and comfort her.
You walk over to her and ask what's wrong. She says that she got broken up with three months ago, when he started to go mad with power.
You show her the bulge in your arm cannon and lean in a for a kiss. She seems surprised, but complies.
The next few months are great.
You get revenge on Mr.Scareface and fuck his girlfriend. What more could you want in life?

> You sell your sex tapes and become a world class porn star.
You sell your sex tapes all over the world, but before you know it the cops are on to you. They storm your house and arrest you along with Mr.Scareface's girlfriend.
The moral of the story: Sex tapes can fuck your life up.