Jason, crew member on a nuclear submarine

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You are Jason, you are part of a crew on a nuclear submarine with your crew mates Cory, Jim and Tony. During a mission the submarine's engine failed and you are all stranded in the deep ocean. Your captain asked you to ration the food but it ran out quickly due to some reason, you need to find a source of food and a way back to the surface as soon as possible.

The game is based on survival horror elements and features a lot of puzzles, riddles and other hidden objects that will help you in your task.
You load a torpedo into bay 1 to hunt a whale to eat. You have to find a compass needle, which is located inside an old map, so you can navigate to the right place.
You suspect there maybe a compass needle inside the giant blue whale's stomach. You ram the submarine into the whale full force and pierce inside of it. You cut open the stomach carefully and find a compass needle inside it.
You put the compass needle in the compass and it points south east, which is the location of the sunken In-N-Out, a fabled restaurant in Atlantis.

You all decide to eat the rotten flesh that has been laying for years, which you find under the seats.

> You are amazed by how strong the rotten flesh makes you feel. you begin to grow gills and.
You feel a sharp pain in your chest and start to feel feverish, You are overjoyed that you can breath underwater as you sink to the bottom of the ocean.
You have leveled up and gained the following botulism based skills:
Inedible food, causes sickness and vomit which can be used to distract enemies (mini section)
Ability to smell rotten meat from far away
Ability to breath underwater
Ability to see in the dark (provided there are at least a few photons)
Ability to sneak past enemies unseen
Ability to talk to fish
Ability to see the true form of mermaids and seahorses (mini section)
Ability to distract mermaid
You come across Humuhumnukunukuapua'a, the Hawaiian state fish, it leads you to and underground ruins where you see a light ahead.
You've reached the Sunken In-N-Out!
You and your friends start to dug into a Double-Double and fries you brought here years ago.
You see the ghost of King Kamehameha ordering a large meal, he turns around and says "Welcome to the Sunken In-N-Out, the best restaurant at the bottom of the ocean.".
You ask King Kamehameha if he knows the secret behind all your new powers.
"Simple", says the king with a smile, "The meat is made of Sharks, a powerful magic fish that can transform people".
"Actually it's mammal not fish..." corrects Cory.
King Kamehameha gives a tsunami wave of an eye roll to Cory and then shows you to a new In-N-Out restaurant across the ocean floor. King gives you an In-N-Out uniforms and a manager badge.
You all live happily eating dead sharks and working at the In-N-Out for the rest of your lives.
The moral of the story: Sharks are mammals not fish, don't argue with kings.
You've reached the Good ending of Atlantis
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