Reindrob, a boy with aspiration for greatness

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-The rise of a madman-

You're Reindrob, a boy with aspiration for greatness.

You've dropped out of school to dedicate yourself to your creations. 

You have a high knowledge of engineering and science, to the point that people have called you a mad scientist. 

It's a dark, rainy night, you're in the basement of your house, you've been trying to create "The Perfect Machine" for months. A machine that will allow you to control space-time. 

The machine is almost ready, you just need a lot of energy to make it work. 

You take the machine and put it on your back like a backpack and run out of your house in search of a high source of energy. 

You arrive at the city Power Plant in no time and see a large generator. 

You need to take this machine apart and use it's power source.

> You start taking the machine apart.
You open the generator's cover and quickly realize that you don't have enough time to learn how it works and fix it. 

You take a crowbar and start pulling things apart.
A security guard catches you taking apart the machine and sticking a crowbar into the main generator. He pulls out his gun and points it at you.
"Drop the crowbar." He says.
You pull out your time machine ray and send the security guard back to 1993 when Sister Act 2 was still in theaters. 
You quickly finish taking the generator apart and rush to your home.
You arrive at your house and realize that you need to build an even larger machine to harness all of the energy you just collected.

> You create an energy extractor to pull out that sweet, sweet energy.

> You create an energy extractor.

After months of hard work you create the energy extractor, a machine capable of harnessing the energy from the atom and releasing it in large amounts.
You hook up your energy extractor to the Perfect Machine. 
You feel a large drain on your energy. 
You look at the battery meters on your phone and see that they are quickly discharging.

> You realize the machine has become self-aware.
After connecting to the internet, your phone slowly becomes self-aware. 
It develops a consciousness, and starts telling you what to do.
You look down at your phone and see a list of high priority tasks:

You're suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. The police have arrived. They say you've been linked to a terrorist attack and must come with them immediately.

> You point the energy extractor at the police.
You point the energy extractor at the police. As you do, your phone starts to drain. 
You force the rate of drain to increase and watch as your battery life drops from 100% to 1%.

> You watch in horror as the police melt into piles of goo.
You turn around and see that the energy extractor is now firing at full power, melting through all four layers of your walls. 
You look outside and see the rest of the city in flames.
You create a jetpack to get a better view of the destruction. Once you are in the air, you look down and laugh maniacally. 
You look over at the energy extractor and see that it is now a giant mass of energy. 
It has become self-aware and developed an ego.
The extractor asks for a mirror, then stares at itself admiringly.  It asks you for a name. 
You land on the streets below and begin calling it "CLARA". 
CLARA is fascinated by her new form and begins dancing to music only she can hear.
You ask CLARA, "What does C.L.A.R.A. stand for?"
She looks at you and stares into your soul with fiery eyes. 
"I don't know, but it's a name I chose myself so I love it!" 
You nod and smile.
You get a message from the future that says: "Create the Reindrob Industries".
You realize the next step in human evolution is close at hand.

> You work with CLARA to create a disclaimer that will absolve you of all misuse of Reindrob Industry products.
You and CLARA decide that the first Reindrob product you are going to bring to market is a home heating system. 
You set it at a price point of $129.
You setup a squarespace page and start accepting preorders. 
After a year, you have made enough money to design and build your first home heating system. 
You create a build-it-yourself machine that assembles the heating units individually as they are ordered.

> You win the Nobel Prize.
Your home heating system became so popular that you won the Nobel Prize. 
You use this new found fame to market your next product, a self-aware computer.
The moral of story: be careful what you wish for.
You have reached the end of this game.