Cory, on vacation in the south of France

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You are Cory. You are on vacation in the south of France. You are at a beach when a beautiful young women informs you that this is a nude beach. She begins to undress in front of you and encourages you to do the same. You decide to take off your shirt and then you hesitate. You look around and see that everyone is naked and none of them seem concerned by it.

> You say "when in the South of France" and drop trousers and begin skipping down the beach.
You are naked in public and feeling the sun on your skin, it feels amazing. You see a group of people building a camp fire and ask if you can join them, they welcome you with open arms.
The embers from the camp fire sting your naked body. You pretend it doesn't bother you. 
The embers from the camp fire sting your naked body. You pretend it doesn't bother you.

> You move away from the fire when you notice you've singed your pubes to nothing.
You move away from the fire as it gets to much for you. You lie down on the sand and a woman offers you some of her drink, you accept.

> You ask the woman for a back massage.
The woman massages your back and then your head. The sun is gone and now the moon lights you way. You feel amazing.

> You say that you're cold and ask the woman if she'd like to warm up somewhere. you begin to leave and are stopped by Jason, a strict officer who arrests people who are naked in-public.
"You, what are you doing? Put some clothes on or go for a swim!" He screams.
You freeze, unsure of what to do.

> You attempt to hug Jason.
You try and embrace the man but he pushes you away.
"What do you think this is, a brothel? Get some clothes on!" he screams.
He suddenly spots something in the corner of his eye.
Jason sees the Kool-Aid Man being chased by Alex Jones. The Kool-Aid Man is yelling "Oh yeah!" and Alex Jones is yelling about the water turning frickin' frog gay.
You see an old lady sunbathing naked, she see's you looking and screams.
"Whore!" she yells.
You try and explain but she runs off to get dressed.

> You ask Alex Jones why the woman called you a whore.
You try and speak but he's too busy running after the Kool-Aid Man.
"Why did that woman call me a whore?"
Alex looks as if to ignore you and then stops.
Alex Jones looks at the full moon and begins to transform.
"The moonchild awakens and Cern says it's time to rock out"
Alex Jones becomes the beast of Bray.
"It's time to roll out!"

> You ask Alex Jones for advice on supplements.
"Oh yeah," he says.
He reaches into his satchel and pulls out a bottle of pills.
"These are Moon Pills, they'll help you through the night."

> You take the Moon Pills and.
You take a pill and begin to feel better almost instantly.
"Follow me," he says. "We're gonna riot tonight."
You follow the wolf man on his nightly prowl of the beach.
You hear Alex Jones mumbling a conspiracy about monster in the water, you ask him to elaborate. He tells you that he saw the Kool-Aid man being chased into the ocean by a TV man.
"They're working for Cern", he says. "He's trying to steal my moon energy."
Jesse Ventura, here to investigate the water monsters and stop the kool aid man, emerges from a nearby hot tub.
You feel woozy.
"The water... it's affected my head", you say to yourself.
Jesse pulls out a rolling machine and begins to smoke a large joint.
You, Jesse, and Alex Jones in werewolf form get very high and forget what your mission was. You all walk into the ocean.
Your head begins to feel better in the water. There is a Cern-like monster, but it's not doing anything dangerous so you don't worry about it.

> You notice the monster is wearing clothes and inform him this is a nude beach.
"This is a nudist beach and you need to take your clothes off," you say.
The monster looks shocked and ashamed of itself.
You get a get better look at the monster in the moon light, it has many discernable features: it has long hair like a hippie, it has a head shaped like a heart, it has eyes like the wing of a plane and it has the body of a banana.

> You unpeel the monster's banana body.
The monster screams in agony as it's peeled like a banana. Underneath is nothing but water and the Kool-Aid man who tries to escape.
"Alex stop!" you yell.

> You watch in horror as wolf Alex gobbles the Kool-aid Man until he is nothing. Alex howls in triumph.
"We did it," you say.
Alex looks sheepish, he begins to blush and pout like a little kid who has just done something naughty.
The moral of the story: Don't drink Kool-Aid.