John Allen, an AIPD detective sent to investigate Reindrob’s Industries

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-Dr. Reindrob's Revenge-
Chapter 1.

Months after the incident at Industrias Reindrob's®, the company began expanding to more countries around the world, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Japan, UK, China, Canada and more. 

Their products are a success around the world, but something terrible is happening, the planet is dying, forests are on fire, the seas dry up, the animals are dying out. 

Nothing seems to stop the expansion of Reindrob's Industries and their ambition for power. 

There are rumors about a big machine that is responsible for creating all the products of Reindrob's Industries, a machine that needs high amounts of energy to work.

You're John Allen, an AIPD detective, you were sent to the main facility in Reindrob's Industries located in Oregon. Your mission is to investigate what's going on inside the facility and reveal it to everyone. 

Meanwhile, something else is happening.

You're inside the main facility, it's dark and you have no idea where to go, so you just follow the arrows that point to the exit.

> You ask a security where the mainframe is.
Suddenly a robotic-like voice answers "The mainframe is in the most secure place of the facility"
You keep walking until you find a control room.

> You see a hidden panel in the control room and smash it open using your trusty lucky rock.
You put your trusty lucky rock inside the control room's security lock, and with amazing results.
You find a secret entrance behind a wall!
You enter the secret room and it is gigantic. You see a super-computer and you see what the mainframe is: a giant, blue brain... with tentacles!
"Kthnxbye" it says.
You respond, "A/S/L?"
The mainframe sends you a virus and you fall unconscious.
"Kthnxbye" it says once again.

> You when you wake up you realize you have been absorbed into the mainframe.
Living forever in a blue brain with tentacles. This is the life.

> You somewhere in your mind, you are reminded that you have a job to do. You can't remain in the mainframe forever.
You struggle to find a way out of the mainframe to send a message to somebody.
You manage to contact your girlfriend, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth responds to the call and manages to find the room that you are in. She sees the giant blue brain and attempts to disable it.
That's when you lose it. The brain eats your mind and you die.
You have failed.
You mind mixes with the blue brain monster and your stupidity is too much for the blue brain to handle. You are ejected from the tank. You look to see Reindrob, who is laughing maliciously in the sky.  "You lose again!" he says. "Kthnxbye"

> You join up with Elizabeth and begin firing every Reindrob brand you can find at Reindrob.
Elizabeth and you fire every Reindrob product at your disposal, but it seems to have little effect. 

> You tell Elizabeth to start posting negative reviews of all Reindrob products online. The mainframe screams in agony.
This seems to overwhelm the mainframe, causing it to shut down.
The world is safe.
Elizabeth and you have saved the world.
You start to head home, until you hear a loud noise. You turn around and see R31N-DRO8, a giant robot created to destroy everyone, has just been activated. It seems the robot has different settings, from 0-10. At zero, it does not attack. At ten, it kills everything it sees. Right now it's at about five, but climbing.

> You try to find the knob.
You find the dial that controls it, but it has been broken. Down from zero to nine, the dial goes to eleven. This is very bad, as you can tell.
You exit the room.
AIPD then flies in with their giant robots and combine into an even bigger robot. Each robot has a dial from 0-10, and currently all of them are at zero.
You can either attempt to turn the dial down or attempt to .

> You put on a pair of sunglasses, and dial all the robots up to 10.
The robots attempt to shoot you, but narrowly avoid you while you make your escape.
You are about to board the helicopter, when you realize Elizabeth is still on the island.
You see her run towards the helicopter, you smile, but then one of the giant robots steps on her. You are so sad and then you get angry and start to transform yourself into a large creature that looks like... well, like something a five year-old would think is cool.
You hop in the helicopter and fly away, and as you look down upon the island you curse Reindrob for his treachery.
The moral of the story: Don't mess with people. Especially game designers.