Velma, can’t read the rest of the prompt because she lost her glasses

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You are Velma. You can't read the rest of the prompt because you have lost your glasses.

You say "Oh wait, here they are." You read the prompt and it says:

> You write a short story about how you came to be in this house You look at the words on the screen and see that it is a story. You are going to make this into a story. You start writing as fast as you can. It takes all day before you finish.

You read the story out loud to your friends Daphne, Shaggy and Fred.

They seem surprised by it. "That was really good!" says Fred. "Yeah! That was really good!" says Daphne. "It's funny," you continue. "I don't think I've ever told anyone my real name before. But since I'm doing this for fun anyway, I'll just go ahead and use my real name".

You put on Reindrob's Terror Vision glasses and say your real name 3 times in front of the bathroom mirror.

Then you close them up again. "Now what?" asks Shaggy. "Well, I guess we should tell everyone else. We could do something like a big party or something. Or maybe we could try to get some kind of movie made about our lives".

You Tell Shaggy's dog Scooby that your real name is...

> You tell Everyone Else Your Real Name "I'm going to tell everyone that my real name is..". The words come out so slowly and sloppily that you realize you have no idea what you're saying. Your friends don't seem to notice though. They're too busy with their own stories.

You say your real name, but no one at the party was listening, except for Sugar Dude, not quite candyman.

He looked at you with his big blue eyes and said "Wow, you sure know how to pick 'em" he then proceeded to eat your face off. After the party is over, you decide that telling everyone your real name might actually work. You ask everyone if they want to hear your story. Everyone agrees.

Jim, a guy who has been dressing up as a ghost to scare his friend Tony, points out your face has been eaten off. Tony gets scared.

The next morning when you wake up, you find that you have a new mouth. You also find that you now have a nose, ears, and two fingers on each hand.

You look in the mirror and see...

Your friends all laugh at your story.

You feel dejected that none of you friends are paying attention to, so you go out to the balcony and Reindrob's third great eye, which is floating in the sky. Reindrob's third great eye gives you Reindrob's brand prosthetic hands.

You now have three fingers on each hand, and your other hand, which is still missing, is able to hold a spoon. You take a deep breath and say "My name is... My story begins..".

Slim Shady walks up and asks what your name is. You tell him, "my name is..."

Slim Shady interrupts you. He tells you that if you want, you can call him Slim Shady, or Slim-Shady. You refuse and he calls you Slim-Shady. You walk back home and tell your mom what happened. She doesn't believe you. She thinks that you must have had someone else dress up as you.

You your mother gets angry and says your real name.

Then she storms out of the room. Your father tries to calm her down. "No, honey, it wasn't me!" you scream. "What? Who was it?" "Nobody! I swear!" "Who would have done such a thing? What would have motivated them?" "Nothing! Just stop trying to convince me!"

You run off you your room and cry and you look at your birth certificate and read the name. it says...


You hear laughter and go outside to see Reindrob's face, which is laughing maliciously in the sky.

You run after Reindrob who laughs even harder. He throws you against a wall and chokes you until you pass out. When you wake up, you find yourself in a hospital bed. You sit up and see a man wearing a doctor's coat standing behind you. "Hi there," he smiles. "You're alive. Congratulations. Now, let's begin".

The doctor says, "You're real name is..."

You stare blankly at him. "I don't know my real name". "Oh dear, I'm sorry. Well, I suppose we can call you..". "NOOOOOOO!" you yell. "Don't call me by my real name! It's horrible! I hate it!" The doctor looks confused. "Hm".

The doctor leaves the room, you pickup your chart and see the name written down is:


You hear your name being called over the hospital p.a. system. They call your name...

You open your eyes and see a man holding a clipboard. "Hello", he smiles. "It's nice to meet you". You grab the clipboard from him and turn around to face him. "Why did they call me?" "Because you're a very special case, Mr. Monster". "How do you know all this?"

"Because you've got an extra pair of legs, right?" You nod. "Yes". "And those extra legs mean..". You stop him before he finishes. "They mean I'm not human". "Very good. Very good. So how many people here are special cases?" "Um, uh, five".

You notice the doctor is wearing a mask, you pull it off and reveal that the doctor is actually

a werewolf. "A what?" "Werewolves. We use special drugs to transform humans into werewolves". "Wait, what about me?" "Well, you're a little different. For starters, you're missing one of your arms. But more importantly, you have an extra set of lungs inside you".

The moral of the story:

If you ever need help with anything, just ask for a Werewolf Doctor. "So, where do I sign up?" you ask.