Mr. Bucket, the world’s biggest fan of Cory

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You are Mr. Bucket, the world's biggest fan of Cory.

For Halloween, you decide to dress up like him. You put on glasses, a hat and you glue a beard to your face. You use a bucket with the AIPD trademark to collect tricks and treats. While trick or treating, Cory sees you and says, "Cool Seth Rogen costume." You reply, "I'm dressed up as you, not Seth Rogen." Cory says, "Why dress up as me? That's just silly."

> You say "Because it's fun!" "It's fun! It's fun! I get to be Cory in a movie! We're going to have so much fun together!"

You hire Cory as a consultant for the movie in which you play Cory.

He comes over to you and his friend who is wearing a wig, and he asks if you want to do some voice work for the movie. You agree to this because you love playing Cory and you think that this will give you more time to focus on your acting career. Cory tells you that they need someone to act as a guide for people who don't speak English well.

You read over the contract and negotiate the terms.

You sign it and then go to the set where you meet the other actors. They all look at you strangely. "Uh...what?" you say nervously. They ask what you mean by that. You explain that you are the only person who can understand them since you've been living here for five years now.

You ask what the terms of the agreement are.

The producer says that you'll have to pay $10,000 upfront before you start working. He also says that you must stay for three months after filming is finished. If you leave during that time, you cannot return. The other two actors seem very surprised by this deal. One says he doesn't know how he can afford it.

You The producer invites you and the actors up to his office. He pulls a bucket out of his closet and puts his balls in it.

He begins masturbating while looking directly into your eyes. He says, "Now, let's talk about our contracts". You and the other actor sit down across from each other and the producer starts talking. He explains that you guys are both paid a certain amount per day. His name is David and he is the director of the film.

You start to masturbate even more furiously than him and demand a pay raise.

David looks at you with disgust and says, "If you really want to be rich, why don't you just fuck my wife instead?" Your dick hardens immediately and you start screaming for help. Everyone else on the set hears your screams, but nobody does anything. Nobody wants to ruin their friendship with you.

You David's wife runs in and see your erection.

She calls the police who arrest David and take him away. You and the other actor get fired. At first, you feel angry, but then you realize you were wrong. You had made a mistake in thinking that being an actor was something you could pursue for a living.

You search the wanted ads for a new job. You see the following job postings:.

"Voice-over artist needed! Please send resume to the number below". You call the number and hear a woman on the other end. She seems nice enough. She introduces herself as Sandy and she offers you a job. You accept her offer. Sandy takes you to her home. Inside, there is a large room filled with props and costumes.

You see a trailer on TV for the premiere of "my left hand" starring Daniel-Day Lewis. you are starring in a new porno spin-off named "my left handjob" with Sandy.

Sandy shows you around and tells you that you will be doing a lot of sex scenes. There will be lots of double penetration, blowjobs, anal fisting and many other sexual acts. You are unsure of what to expect, but Sandy assures you that everything will be fine.

You Ask Corey is he's proud of you.

Sandy responds, "Well, he has been watching the previews and he loves the way you look in those tight clothes. Plus, you're the perfect size for his character. Besides, you're a good guy and you'll make the audience laugh a lot. And I bet you won't break any hearts". You ask if you can bring a girl along on this project.

The moral of the story:

Be careful what you wish for.

You ask Cory what was the moral of the last story, he says:

"Don't get cocky, man. Just be yourself and don't try too hard. Even when you're in the middle of fucking somebody, keep smiling and laughing. When you're done, you should still be able to smile and laugh at the same time".