Kasey Banks, a popular supermodel by day, a plumber named Stu by night.

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You are Kasey Banks, a popular supermodel but by night you keep a dark secret, you're a were plumber. By the full moon you transform into a middle aged plumber named Stu. On a routine photo shoot, you remember that the full moon is tonight...
Your mind races as you remember to prepare for your transformation. You quickly tell your assistant to cancel all your shoots tomorrow, buy you a large stock of bananas and note the nearest plumbing shop.

> You use bananas to fix all your customers' plumbing problems.
With the help of your assistant and the world's best bananas, you fix all the world's plumbing problems, one customer at a time.
The end.
You reached a blissful conclusion. The reward is yours.
You get a call from Tony, a guy who breaks his pipes so he has an excuse to get you to come to his house.
"Hey, Kasey!" he says. "I just broke my pipes. You wanna come fix it up?"
"Don't you have a plumber?

> You say "I need a man that's good with bananas."
"I need a man that's good with bananas."
After fixing the pipe, he makes you a mojito. You put your feet up and relax.
Tony leans in for a kiss.
"I haven't brushed my teeth," you say.
"I don't care."
You go back to the hotel with him and...hey! This isn't an erotic story!

> You say "Let's make this an erotic story," you say. "Let me see your Super Mushroom (from Super Mario)"
His face darkens.
"Look, I'll uh, just go," you say. "Thanks for the drink." You leave quickly.
You decide to take a break from men for a while...
The sun rises and you transform back into your supermodel form. You get a call from Tony, and decide to tell him the truth about your plumber transformation. He isn't impressed, and tells you to knock it off.
Your days of being a plumber are over.

> You go to another boring fashion show and long to be a plumber again.
"Wow! Kasey, you're late!" your assistant says. "We have to go."
You see Tony at the fashion show, turns out he was a were-judge.  You notice the dark rings under his eyes.
"Hey baby," he says. "Having fun?"
You look at your nails, painted a bright shade of...something.
Tony waves plumber's wrench at you and winks. 
Tony waves a plumber's wrench at you and winks.
You realize you'll never be a plumber.
You bite your lip.
"So what if I'm late," you say. "Were you waiting for me?"
"Just give me a lift?"
You show Tony your birthmark and please with him that you were telling the truth earlier. He gives you a big tip.
You grab your assistant and rush into the car.
"I have to try this out!" you say.
"We have to go to another show!" your assistant says.
 Luigi, a god of gods, takes you to Tony place.
"Here we are," your assistant says. You say goodbye to her.
You knock on the door and it opens a crack. A single eye peers out, then the door opens.
"Come in," Tony says.  You enter and look around. The room is a wreck.
"Luigi told me everything," you say. "I have so many questions-"
"Listen," he says, cutting you off. "I'm not a very public person. I'd rather not have to worry about my image. So let's make a deal: You don't ask questions, and I'll give you anything you want.
Princess Peach pops out of drawer and says, "What are you afraid of, Mario?"
You think for a moment. You need to be careful how you act.
"I'm sorry," you say. "Can we talk outside?"
He looks at you and nods.

> You go outside and tell Mario...
"I'm afraid I think you're a con artist."
The man shakes his head violently.
"No! No! I swear on my life I'm not!
You reveal your troubled past to Mario. He seems unimpressed.
"So you're saying you have no idea how you got your powers?"
You shake your head, and he sighs.
"The least you could do is help my friend,"
You agree to help.
"I'm in a bit of a jam," he says. "My sister, the Princess, is in another castle. I need you to go and get her, please."
You look at him questioningly.

> You say "Is the princess really your sister?"
"She's my step sister," he says. "And she's a royal pain in the ass. Honestly, I wish the Bowser would just take her."
"So...you don't really know her?
You go to the castle and are shocked to see...Princess Peachez!
"Um, hey," you say. "I didn't expect to see you here."
Princess Peachez is a human/mushroom hybrid.
You throw Peachez in the lava.
"Why did you do that for?"
"I didn't want to die," you say. "I thought princesses couldn't be saved."
"Oh, I see!" she laughs nervously.
The moral of the story: trust no one.
You realize that the princess has been replaced with a lava-monster, and you try to throw it in the lava.
You die.