Bak Zaggins, a fake ghost hunter

Posted under Episode 210, Story On By Chief

You are Bak Zaggins, a fake ghost hunter. You must now fake the ghost of your mom and fool your viewers again. Make sure that you do not attract the real ghost of your mom.

You have two techniques at your disposal. The first one is to wear a rubber mask of her face. The other one is to use a broom to mimic her likeness.
You may only use one of these techniques and you have a total of three tries to get it right.
You put on the mask of your mom and dance in the living room to "Goodbye Horses". Your audience seems bored.
You sweep the floor in the kitchen to "Goodbye Horses". Your audience seems scared.
You jump from the highest branch of the tree in the backyard to "Goodbye Horses".

> You land so hard that you awaken a spirit buried below the ground.
You are suddenly transported to the living room of your childhood home. The furniture is different and the wallpaper has changed, but this is definitely the living room of your old house.
You break out the oujia board and attempt to speak with your mother.
You ask,
"Is the smell of death upon me?"
Your ouija board spells out "Yes" .
You ask,
"Am I going to die soon?
You feel an icy hand on your shoulder, it says...  No.

> You turn around and see your grandmother. Her hand is icy because of poor circulation.
You sit down and reminisce about the old times with your beloved grandmother. She tells you stories of her youth and you laugh at all her jokes. You have a wonderful time together.
You list all the jokes you remember:
Poe Boy- "Knock knock"
You- "Who's there?"
Poe Boy- "I did."
You- "I did who? "
Poe Boy- "I did knock 3 times!

> You say "Oh Poe Boy, you rascal!"
Poe Boy- "Rascal? I'm no rascal, I'm POE BOY!"
You- "Oh that's right, how could I forget?"
After you recite the joke, all the shades in the room close and the room gets very cold. You see a spectre approach. She's wearing a blue dress, just like your grandmother used to wear.
You smile and say "Hi Grandma!"
The spectre opens her mouth...
And releases a swarm of bees.
You hide under table and ask your Grandmother just did that. You look under the table and find that she is bleeding from her wrists. You take off your belt and use it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

> You say "I'll save you Grandma. I'll save you good."
You drive your grandmother to the hospital. All the while she is shaking and bleeding. You swerve into a tree and you're both crushed by a falling branch.

> You are saved by Michelle Branch, who drives you and your grandmother to the hospital.
The next few days are a bit fuzzy. you know you were in a coma, but after that you have no idea what happens. When you wake up, your mom is sitting next to your hospital bed.
You attempt to ask about how Grandmas is doing, when bees erupt from your mouth. Your mother quickly leaves the room and a swarm of bees consume you.
The bees shout something at you. They say...
"Welcome to Glitch City son."
You realize you are in a computer simulation: The Ghostrix.
You search for the Ghostitect of the Ghostrix, however you are lost in the void. The only way to escape is to walk the path you believe is right.
You do not know where to go.
You see a swarm of bees in the void and call out for your Grandmother. She appears before you and takes your hand. She leads you out of the void.
You are surprised to find yourself outside of your hospital room.

> You say "Thanks for saving me, gram gram."
You look down at your feet and notice a swarm of bees.
You run away from them and realize you're back in the hospital room.
You were dreaming.
The moral the of story: Nintendo is watching you.