Grungebob, Sponegbob’s brother

Posted under Episode 209, Story On By Chief

You are Grungebob, Sponegbob's brother. You produce mediocre music, you are an alternative rock artist. You have valuable experience with the following instruments:
Bass Guitar
The Triangle is the instrument you have the most experience with, you are able to play the entire Musical-ized works of Shakespeare just by striking the metal. You are a red Sponge and you live next to Squidward, who frequently plays his Clarinet so he can beat your ass and ruin your career. You have long hair, a t-shirt and ripped jeans. You also wear a drumset around your waist.

> You go to the Krusty Krab to play as a one-man band. Downer Duck, a rejected PSA mascot exiled to the bottom of the sea, tells you to shut the fuck up.
You spend hours and hours writing a song on your computer to play in front of the Krusty Krab. You play the song as your family, including your brother, sister and mother, watch in awe.
Mr Krabs comes up and tells you to play it outside because the customers are complaining. You play it louder, annoying the customers. They ram their heads into their food and cut themselves on the knives. The blood goes into the Krabby Patties, giving them a very noticeable red color.
People start coming from fathoms around to listen to you play and ram their heads.  The death of the customers causes a lack of interest in the Krusty Krab, forcing Mr.Krabs to sell weapons to the other sea creatures so they can kill themselves to listen to your music.
You see the Kurgan, intent on cutting off immortals' heads, walk in. You invite him on stage and sign is greatsword. You play the most beautiful song you have ever played and Downer duck, upon hearing it, jumps into the ocean and drowns.
You pull out Reindrob's Gravity Gun® and shoot a gravity ball to clear away all the corpses from the dance floor. You then have an orgy with your family and die of a heart attack from exhaustion.

> You are collected by humans and put on display in a museum. One day a little boy named Jim reaches over to touch your petrified body you and inhabit his body.
You leave Earth and go to New Marsbourth. You make a career composing music for the local radio station. You play Downer duck's head in a jar on your piano as you play.

> You start playing your old songs and people love them.
A successful music career, the respect of your family and an everlasting ego. What more could a man want?

> You want more.

> You want more.

You go out and search for the legendary treasure of Big Green. You find it in an underground cavern filled with shiny rocks, gold coins and other stuff. You become filthy rich.

> You say "need......................... bread................. grungebob...............bread.............. please "
A complete idiot, you waste all of your money on prostitutes and alcohol. You die lonely, poor and miserable.

> You become immortal.
You get interested in the new trend called television. You die while watching Ozzy bite the head off a bat on TV.
I fucking hate you, Ozzy.

> You say "You come back to life as a bat."
You go back to life as a bat and get urinated on by Ozzy.
Fuck it, I'm done.
The Kurgan bite's Ozzy's head off and you team up with him to kill other immortals. The pair of you go on a murderous rampage throughout history.
You are eventually killed by the Imperial troops when attempting to assassinate the Ottoman Empire.
Your soul takes over the volcano and you erupt.
Your deadly pyroclastic cloud kills everything in its path and the human population drops to less than 1,000.
You and Kurgan repopulate the Earth with a half Sponge half Highlander children. The population explodes. Spongebob is worried, but eventually accepts his new role as a slightly eccentric observer of the world.
The moral of the story: Immortals should not team up.