John Tutankhamun, long dead Pharaoh of Egypt

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You are John Tutankhamun, long dead Pharaoh of Egypt. In October of 2020, your tomb is finally unsealed. It unleashes an ancient curse, causing you to emerge from your sarcophagus. A microphone is held up to your face and a TV reported begins interviewing you. The first question is:	You laugh, and answer it with a joke. The entire world laughs with you. This is your moment, and you're going to enjoy it!
You ask the TV reporter to tell you a joke, she says:
The entire world laughs. This is your moment, you're going to enjoy it!
You're feeling really happy and giddy, pleased with yourself. You succeed the challenge and gain +1 to Funny!

> You become a media sensation. Everyone wants to you to do their tv show. Before you go on the shows you level up and gain the following new pharoah powers:.
People want you to be President of the World! You can do it, with your powers of being Funny and also being a celebrity.
Next week, you're on Britain's got talent.
You do a bunch of Fortnite dances, then Moneybagg Yo, your competition on 'Britain's Got Talent' goes up and does the same thing. The crowd goes crazy, standing and cheering. The judge's faces say it all, as they give you a 10/10. You do a dab, and another dab, followed by a winking at the camera.
 Jim, a cosplaying pharaoh who is carrying a Sister Act 2 popcorn bucket full of buttered popcorn that expired in 1993, walks up to you and offers you a daytime TV show.
You star in a brand new daytime talk show, replacing former host Jerry Springer. You sit on a pink couch, and each day you interview people from around the world. You're funny, and people like you.

> You your show, "Sarcaphotalk!" is nominated for an Emmy.
You win the award for "Best Talk Show"
When you go up to collect your award, you make a funny speech. Everyone loves you and your show!

> You are on the cover of TIME magazine as Person of the Year. Rumors start to spread of you being mean backstage.
You are named Person of the Year, but as rumors spread that you are mean, you begin to lose your show. The network won't renew your contract, and you're sent out to pasture.

> You chew on grass in the pasture and plot your comeback.
The next few years are rough, you're not accustomed to the lack of celebrity. You're forced to take a job at a grocery store cashier.
Corey, a difficult customers takes a picture of you to shame you. Instead the picture goes viral. 
The next week you're on the front page of the newspaper.
The picture is of you smashing a package of chicken tenders into Cory's face. You get interviewed by TMZ.
"The guy was a jerk to me, and he was bullying this old woman. I just thought people were supposed to you know, not be jerks."
People are inspired by your actions.
Cory does a counter interview on Dateline where says you are lying and shows the footage that the grocery store camera's took of the incident.
They uncover footage of you sneaking hot dogs out of the package department and eating them in the bathroom.
You get fired.
You're out of work and now people are calling you a hotdog thief.
You bring out your ancient Khopesh and wait for Cory to appear at the grocery store, you lunge at him. You miss and end up tripping over a large ham and impaling yourself on the sword.
You are now known as the Ham thief of all time.
You are asked to go on "Dancing With The Stars." You realize your career is at its lowest point.  You agree to go on the show just to get your mind off things.
You are paired up with a dancing horse named Fanny. You bond with her and start doing well on the show.
The moral of the story: Sliding into The DM's of fat girls pays off.
One day, you and Fanny are practicing your quickstep when suddenly...
You find yourself transported from the dance studio to a large room with a long blue carpet and velvet curtains. A man with a beard and wearing a toga stands before you.
"W-where am I?" you stutter.
"You're in the Oval Office, son," the man replies, "I'm President Barack Obama.