Dr. Karloff, a reclusive scientist trying to create artificial life

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You are Dr. Karloff, a reclusive scientist trying to create artificial life. You and your assistant Igor are in your lab, working late into the evening. Suddenly, the body on the slab begins moving rhythmically. It quickly breaks free of its bindings and springs to its feet. The body starts dancing in a style you can only describe as a ""Monster Mash"". The situation rapidly escalates as the new dance becomes wildly popular throughout the land. Things go from bad to worse as several horror celebrities join in on the craze. You are sure of only one thing: you must put a stop to this Dance Plague before it takes over the world!
You are visited by Vincent Lo-Price, a bootleg Vincent Price, who says he will help you for a low price.
"I understand your predicament,"" he says, "and I am willing to give you an exclusive deal. For $9.99 a month you may subscribe to my newspaper.

> You say "Does your newspaper have topless photos?"
"Yes,"" says Lo-Price, "it does.
You say, "Then you have a deal!"
You and Lo-Price shake hands. The next day you read your first copy of the "New York Bloody Guardian", and see that it contains an ad for Spooky Girl Kate.

> You hire Spooky Girl Kate and teach her a new dance called the Zombie Tromp.
At your command, Kate begins a new dance called the Zombie Tromp. Soon, the whole world is tromping zombies!
The Dance Plague has been replaced with an even greater threat: Zombus.
You see a news report that details what Zombus is. It says:
"The Walking Dead, a.k.a. Zombus, is sweeping the nation. If you have a pulse, do not go outside!"

> You try to go outside and Mr. Maces sprays you with mace.
You are blind and in horrible pain, but you manage to stumble back into the lab.
"Quick!"" says Dr. Frankenstein," I'll fix you, but I'll need some replacement body parts."
Suddenly zombus breaks in the lab, you grab an spare arm from Frankenstein's body part pile and get ready for battle.
Out of nowhere, Count Grey walks in and says," Hey! I love Zombies! Why don't you join my legion of the undead?"
A legion of the undead has 1700 soldiers.
You ask Dr Frankestein to perform an emergency operation on you to make you strong enough to fight off these 1700 zombus.
After five hours of cutting and sewing, you are released from the table and asked to fight off the undead horde.
Colonel Sanders is leading the zombie horde. You challenge him to one on one combat.

> You say "Here's your special recipe," you tell Colonol Sander as you proceed to beat him like his mother never did. "
You bash the Colonel in the head with a frying pan. He screams like a little girl and runs off. All of the zombies follow him. You have successfully repelled the zombie horde!
You take over KFC and trying to resurrect the fried chicken. You succeed in one year, but you are cursed to remain on the earth forever.
You also invent a time machine and travel back to dinosaur days, where you attempt to integrate into society.

> You begin hunting with a pack of raptors and are soon accepted by the flock.
You are eventually accepted into the flock!
This is a happy ending.

> You convince the other raptors that the group can kill a Tyrannasaurus Rex.
You and your pack take down a baby T-Rex, but you are all scratched and hurt.
You all decide to travel back to the present day (well, present day for you.
You take your raptor flock straight to Colonel Sander's home. You storm the gates and attempt to take his life. You take him and his family hostage, but he manages to escape!
You spend the rest of your days travelling back and forth in time to try to catch him again.
Colonel Sanders yells and he floats away towards the sky, "Gotta say, I did not expect this".
Meanwhile, you are left to wander the earth with your flock.
This is a pretty happy ending.

> You have a choice to kill baby Hitler, or catch Colonel Sanders. You...
You decide to go with the Colonel. He and his entire family are cooking chicken in a cave.
"What the hell?!", he cries, "I spent years making my recipe, why is everyone stealing it?"

> You tell Colonel Sanders you will let him and his family live if he gives you his secret chicken recipe.
Colonel sander's eyes widen. He looks worried, scared and angry all at the same time.
You fry the Colonel in front of his wife and kids. His wife and children begin to weep uncontrollably.
You kill them all, and their fried bodies give you energy for many years to come!
This is a good ending.
The moral of the story: You can't spell Fried chicken without FRC!