Sucy, a gloomy witch attending Luna Nova Magical Academy

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You are Sucy, a gloomy witch attending Luna Nova Magical Academy. Your new roommate is Akko, a friendly, eccentric witch who is full of energy. You have a love/hate relationship with her. You hate how noisy and bubbly she is, but you love seeing her squirm in fear when you prank her. One night, you decide to dress up like the Grim Reaper to scare Akko. You point at Akko, while saying, "Your angel of death awaits."  She screams, which annoys you. You walk into her room without knocking, and are surprised when you see her falling out of her closet.

"A-Akko? Why are you in the closet?"
Akko comes out to you. She seems to be in tears.
"I saw something weird, and I got scared."
She shows you what she saw in the closet. It's a Bewitchment Doll, which resembles Sucy.
The doll is named H, the best letter.

"I-it looks like me..."
You grab the doll and throw it out the window.
"There. Now no more fear."

> You wake up the next morning to see the doll at the foot of your bed. Akko Feints when she sees it in the morning.
You both spend the day together, but you become tired of the doll. To get rid of it, you burn it in front of the statue of Count Rostov.
After you burn the doll, you go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, the doll has returned to the foot of your bed with a new doll: Chucky, scary living doll from a famous horror movie series.
You become worried.
"H-how is this doll here? It's not even movie night..."
The new doll begins to blink.
Diana, Akko's frenemy who you are jealous of, walk into your room and the dolls grab her ankle and trip her.
You walk out of the room, but when you return the dolls have taken your appearance.
"H-hey! Get away from my stuff!"
You fight the dolls and an epic bedroom battle.
"I'm taking you down! Y-you think my BFF will lose to a doll?"
You launch the dolls to your bed and rest.
You cas doom cough on the dolls. A blue mist flows out of your mouth and into the dolls. It seems to calm them down.
"I-it's done."
You feel dizzy, and your ears ring. And you pass out.

> You when you wake up, you have transformed into a doll.
T-that's it! I'm a DOLL now! How could this happen to me? I hope no one buys me, because they will have to dress me up and buy me stuff! But for now...

> You somebody buys you.
A kind old woman walks into the store.
"Hellooo, I'm here to adopt a doll."
The shopkeeper sets you on the counter.
You give birth to a doll baby and the woman takes your doll child, leaving you in the store.
You hope you will be loved...
You break out of the store at night and return home to see Chucky has assumed your life. Your roommate, your friends, even your boyfriend have become dolls.
"Hello, Sucy."
It's Chucky.
"What have you done?
You grab a kitchen knife and chase after Chucky, who is now in a mortal shell.
You chase him all the way to his house.
"Come on! I can't wait to see the look on your face when you're a doll!"
You sing a creepy lullaby as you chase Chucky into the house, but only stop when people turn to look at you.  One of which is Chucky himself. He is riding his tricycle down the sidewalk, and when you walk past him he looks up and says, "Hi, Sucy."

> You say "You think you're being scary, but really, you just look like a creep."
"You think you're being scary, but really, you just look like a creep. That's it! A creepy doll!"
The crowd of people who were staring at you look away.
You stab Chucky in the chest, lightning swirls overhead, and you are returned to your body. Chucky turns back into his doll self.
"Stop it, Chucky! That hurt!"
He shakes and breaks, returning to his nightmare form.
The moral of the story: dolls aren't scary, they're just creepy.