Jerry Walters, a security guard at a disused warehouse full of old clothes mannequins

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You are Jerry Walters, a security guard at a disused warehouse full of old clothes mannequinns. You know it's silly but you could swear that this one mannequin keeps moving about and wearing different clothes. Blaming it on your lack of sleep, you go home only to find...
apart from the new clothes she's wearing a brand new beautiful wife.
A new episode of "Let's watch creepypastas"
On this episode of "Let's watch creepypastas", you see 3 new creepypastas:
- A high-school student who hacked into his school's computer system to get the exams, finds a video in the system and watches it. The video explains that he has an rare brain disorder and will die soon. Scared, he tells the nearest person about the video, a classmate who is about to graduate. The classmate tells him that it's a prank and he should forget about it.
- A girl receives a box full of used medical equipment from her boyfriend, who is a doctor in the army. She is usually very careful when it comes to blood and germs but today she is desperate. The box is also full of used bandages and medicines. While searching through the box, she cut her finger and applies a used bandage. Now they are engaged and she wants to get married.
She dumps the used medical equipment at your warehouse. Some of the blood gets on one of the mannequins. 
- You are a night security guard at a large new-age store. Although the store is closed you hear loud noises from inside and decide to investigate.

> You a mannequin catches your eye and you are hypnotized by her rigid beauty.
You fall in love with the mannequin and you two get married. You live a happy life and you have several children together. Years later, when your wife dies of old age, you bury her in the backyard.

> You start dating a younger, bigger-breasted mannequin.
You soon discover that your younger, bigger-breasted girlfriend is a succubus who eats human souls. However you don't care about this and are completely happy.
You boss calls you in office for an urgent meeting. He is pissed at you for choosing to waste company resources on building a robot that plays internet memes 24/7. He fires you and you leave, holding back tears.

> You build a mannequin robot army that plays memes 24/7 to terrorize your old boss.
Your plan works. You become the new boss and turn the company into a dictatorship which plays only memes and entertains only memetic ideas. 3 years later, your company has a monopoly over all media and entertainment.

> You grow distant from your children. They start going to a dad mannequin for advice.
Your children become mannequin-like and rigid. They only follow memes and begin to ignore all other areas of life that aren't entertaining or enjoyable in some way.

> You hire a team to win your children back. Their names are Jasoquin, Jimoquin, Coreyquin, and Tonyquin.
Your children do not respond well. They create a mannequin-only nation in your backyard and begin indoctrinating your grandchildren. Your great-grandchildren think that the idea of not following memes is absurd.
You dual wield hair dryers and get to cleaning up the backyard by melting all the mannequins. You seize the memes and internet you have gathered over the year, as well as the control of your company. You fire all meme-related employees and revert it back to it's original state.

> You dig up your wife and watch and make watch "Terminator 2." Then you tell her, "You know what you have to do."
You throw out your mannequin wife and start anew with the younger, hotter, human version of you.

> You spend an entire year in your workshop crafting a mannequin in your image.
You walk into your factory and see a mannequin that looks exactly like you. You immediately begin to feel something for this mannequin.
You decide to name him "Lars."
You level up, and gain the following skills:
You smell something burning.
You run into your house and see a fire starting in your kitchen. You hear a scream coming from the bathroom.

> You enter the bathroom.
You enter the bathroom to see a pile of mannequins burning.
Your eyes start to burn and you run away, screaming as the entire house burns down around you.
You see a giant melted ball of various mannequin parts roll down the street towards you.
You scream in terror as you are crushed to death by a melted mannequin arm.

> You the last thing you see is a wedding ring on the arm. It's your wife's.
You close your eyes and die.
The moral of the story: set your oven to 400 degrees next time you decide to make a mannequin in the shape of your dead wife.