Alan Asleep, a man who is always asleep, unlike his twin brother Alan Wake

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You are Alan Asleep a man who is always asleep unlike your twin brother, Alan Wake.

You and your wife Alice are traveling to the small town of Nightvale for a vacation.

> You make your wife drive, because you are always asleep.
You wake up to find yourself sitting in the drivers seat with Alice driving.

> You say "I'm going to sleep now while driving. Goodnight "
You put your head on the steering wheel and close your eyes.
You are awake by the car of Todd Crowley, an obnoxious boy racer blasting eurobeat out of his car.  The car pulls up besides you.
'Hey Wake, why are you asleep at the wheel?' yells Crowley.
'My name is Alan, and I'm sleeping.' you yell back.
Todd is run off the road by Cory, a guy who sleeps for 12 hours a day, and is also asleep at the wheel.
Cory's car swerves into a ditch and hits a tree. Your ears start to bleed.
Cory and Crowley are woken up, and all three of your cars have now crashed.
You level up from the crash, you obtain the following skills:
Blacksmithing (Basic) 0/100
Cooking (Advanced) 0/100
Evil Uprising 0/100
You are now level 2.
You unlock a subclass: Creator
You unlock a skill: Painpaint 0/100
You unlock a perk: Night Vision
You use your night vision to find the others amongst the crashed cars. There's the Hot German Twins, Ludvig and Isabella.
They find you, and start to yell at you. Blue lights surround the area as people arrive on the scene.
You check on Crowley and Cory. They are both bleeding, but Crowley has a broken arm and Cory has a broken leg.
Two cops stare at you from their cars.
'Get on the ground now!' they scream in unison.

> You your eyes glow as your cast Painpaint on the two cops.
The police officers' eyes glow red, and they begin screaming in pain as their bodies burst into flames.
You wake up, aching all over. You look around, and notice three things.
Yourself, Alice and the Hot German Twins are surrounded by police, guns pointed at your head.
You need to get out of this. You have a few options:
Tell the truth. Lie. Pretend to be someone else.
You cast Evil Uprising on the officers. They are set alight and start to scream. You need to act quickly.
You run as fast as you can, and notice that Ludvig and Isabella are ahead of you.
You use your night vision to see the keys to the cop car are in the ditch, you steal the cop car and drive off.
You have escaped.

You win!

> You go back and pick up your injured friends.
You drive back to the crash site. Nothing has moved, and your friends are still lying on the road. You slowly drive the cop car towards them, and without warning, you hear sirens.
You fall asleep and slowly run over your friends. You do not feel bad about this at all. In fact, you drive back to the nearby woods and fall asleep once more.

You wake up in a jail cell.
The moral of the story: Sleep is the greatest weapon.