Mr. Best, a statue sculptor who has a big ego

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You're Mr. Best, a statue sculptor who has a big ego. You think there should be a statue of yourself put next to the Statue of Liberty. You decide to start building the statue of yourself, despite not getting permission to do so. After you've finished making the sculpture, you and a delivery crew put it next to the Statue of Liberty. However, your statue lands on the Statue of Liberty which leads to both statues falling down and breaking apart.  The mayor gets angry at you for destroying the Statue of Liberty. Due to this, you go bankrupt and eventually commit suicide.
You implanted your brain into the giant statue of yourself before you died. You live within your statue in front of City Hall. Though you've died and gone to the Afterlife, your statue can still continue.

> You roam the city streets at night, killing rats and fighting crime.
One night, you see a bum sleeping on a park bench. You feel as if he doesn't deserve to live any longer and you murder the bum and take his place by sitting on the bench.
Everyone is furious at you for killing the bum, but then it turns out the bum was a child molester.  Everyone decides that your actions were justified.
The bum leaves behind a wife and four children, who are all taken into custody by the government.
You soon die from a drug overdose.
A scientist curious about your reincarnation into a giant statue probes your probe brain which brings you back to life as a brain in a jar. You new mission is to find a vessel.
You find a nice one-story house with a basement in a rich neighborhood. You get in through the water pipes and move into the basement.
You take over the house and integrate your brain into the electric box and WiFi. Soon, you send messages out to your hundreds of followers. These messages tell them to kill those who oppose you and to find vessels for yourselves.
Your followers find you a host body: a weightlifting body builder. You transplant your brain from the house into this new muscle bound body.
You lead your new cult as it grows in number. People are actually drawn to you and your message. You create rifts in reality and summon horrible monsters from other dimensions, which terrorize the city.
You hear a rumor of a hero who is destined to stop you. His name is...

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You decide to build up a following on social media sites before taking action, in the hopes of getting more support for your planned revolution.
Your house body level up! The following upgrades have been applied: 
Protective armor +Shield(health)
You are now protected by an invisible force field that regenerates your health!
You access the intranet and begin to read about the history of the Dawn Star Colony.
The Dawn Star Colony is...
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You find a black market and pay $500 for a fake ID that says you're 21 years old.
You walk into the bar and head straight for the back where you sit at the bar.

> You say the secret password to the bartender and are let into an elevator that descends fifty floors.
You approach the bartender and say the secret password. The bartender gives you a look of surprise.
"I didn't think they'd send a kid in here," he says.
You lean in for a kiss with the Bartender.
The Bartender leans in.
"I thought you were a kissless virgin," he says, "I was wrong."
He opens up the floor with a button under the counter and an elevator appears.
You take the elevator to the secret underwound fortress of the Dawn Star Colony. You are greeted by the leader, Dawn. She is twenty six years old, with brown hair and green eyes. Her muscular figure is only made more attractive by her full lips and beautiful face.
You start the revolution. It ends in five hours.
Dawn and you plant a bomb in the center of the police department. After blowing up the police department, you go to the media headquarters and release all of the captive media personnel.
The moral of the story:
It's easier to face your enemies when you know who they are.