Karsus Clay a Blockbuster employee in 2020

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You are Karsus Clay a Blockbuster employee in 2020. One night, you're about to end an uneventful shift when suddenly you see... yourself?
The other you is identical to you in every way. Same clothes, same build, same face, same voice. The only thing different about him is the fact that he has a strange tattoo on his arm.
The man claims to be you from the not so distant future, then he leans in to kiss you.
This kiss sends you into a weird vision. You see The Blockbuster Video in the future. It's closed down and overgrown with weeds.
Suddenly, your friend Tony with the hot hair appears. "You must prevent this," Tony tells you, as he runs his fingers through his silky, beautiful hair.  But then the vision changes.
You see something completely different. You see... an apartment? You're there with a man. The two of you are eating dinner. He says, "I love you."

> You inspect the man's hair in the vision, to see if it is hot.
The man has beautiful, silky blonde hair. Also, his face is perfect.
Who is this man? What does it mean? This story is going in a strange direction.
You close up for the night and suddenly get a visit from your Regional Manager who tells you that Blockbuster will be closing up shop forever.
You are devastated. You go home and cry yourself to sleep.
The next morning, you wake up and find the other you sitting on your couch.
You return to Blockbuster with Tony and see Karen, arriving after you've already locked the door attempting to return a rental which is now late.
You give her a free pass so she doesn't have to pay the dollar late fee.
"Thank you, kind stranger," she says.

> You look around the closed Blockbuster store and recall fond memories such as:.
You walk around the store and look at all of your movies. You admire them, and think about how much you've learned from them.
Then you notice a customer walking in. You yell at him to get out. He continues to walk towards you, so you pull out your gun and shoot him in the head.
You are sentenced to life in prison for killing your customer with a gun.
Your cellmate has silky blonde hair, and a perfect face.
You ask him what his name is and compliment his good looks.
He replies, "My name is John, you're a murderer and I'm going to kill you."
He laughs as he says this. You punch him in the face and knock out his front teeth.
You become head of the prison's video rental store called Cellblock Buster. It is extremely popular.
You hire John and he becomes your #1 employee. You both get out of jail earlier for good behavior and invest in a small rental video store.
You rent out movies to people who live in the apartment block you own. Your business ventures are profitable.
You have a fantastic life, and write a book about how great your life is.
You get a visit from the ghost of a Murdered Customer.  He tells you that his death was a bad mistake.
You catch a cold.
Your friends and family come to visit you in the hospital. They sit by your bedside and cry over you.
The ghost that a doctor in this hospital was the one who killed by malpractice.  You stare at his nametag. It says "John Carter".
You vow to get revenge on John Carter, the ghost possess you and you fell your body get stronger.
This is the happiest day of your life.
You burst into John's office and punch his heart out of his chest.
You stand up and leave the hospital. You go on to become a writer for a popular website.
The name of the website: Movie Critics.
Your legacy lives on forever.
The moral of the story: Be a movie critic.