Jaesan, a samurai who has failed his master Kori

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You are Jaesan, a samurai who has failed his master Kori. You are given the option of committing seppukku to absolve yourself of the shame of failure. As Jaesan holds a dagger to his gut he takes one final glance at his master when Kori is struck by an arrow and collapses to the ground. You are under attack by cavalry wielding bows and spears. Your masters safety is your top priority. As you reach down to help Kori to his feet you are both trampled by the horses.

> You get up and apologize for buying wild horses.
"I'm so sorry for buying wild horses, Master!" you say.
"What?" Kori says.
You notice a black iron arrow protruding from the back of Koris neck.

> You carefully remove the arrow from Kori's neck, he is surprisingly unharmed.
You carefully remove the arrow from Koris neck, he is surprisingly unharmed.
"That was close Kari." he says to you, "What brings you out here?
You are approached Tony, a ninja trained by two sisters who taught him the act of throwing arrows at people. He is wielding two curved blades, and you recognize them as Nataaras Talons. He is a skilled assassin and a master of disguises, he killed many an unsuspecting soldiers in the last war.

> You say "Are you friend of foe?"
You ask this to see if it throws him off.
"I am a friend.

> You retreat with Kori and Jason to the castle to review battle plans.
You decide to retreat to the castle, and gather with your allies.
"We need to prepare" you say.
"For what?" Jasons asks.
You have various choices to choose from.

> You say "What are my choices?"
You have several choices to choose from.
You may choose to hire a band of mercenaries to help you in the fight.

> You hire the feared mercenary named Jimu to help you fight.
You may choose to call upon the support of scattered mage hermits who live in the mountains.
You may also choose to rely upon your skills with a sword, and fight alone.
Jimu introduces his top man, Biz Markie. What happens next is something you never thought possible. Jimu and Biz Markie rap for you. They are not bad. In fact they are pretty good. The mercenaries are hired.
You asks for the lyrics to the rap, they tell you:
"We're bad men, you see, we have a tendency to lie, We lie about our past, we lie about our future, and we lie about our intentions. Now, we're gonna lie about being mercs. The only truth is we're bad men."
You grin.
"That's some quality lyrics," you say.
"We aim to please," Jimu says. "
You give up your life as a samurai and start your rap career with Jimu and Biz Markie.
"You're a natural," Jimu says. "Headlining the Purple Nurples concert in two months."
What happens next is history.

> You headline at the Purple Nurples concert. You enter the venue and see your rap group name written big on a the marque. It reads...
The Sharkalators
You enter the stage and do your thing. The crowd goes wild. Jimu and Biz Markies' raps go off better than expected, and yours is the best.
You sing your hit song, titled:
Who woulda thunk it, huh?
You become a legend. A rapper who won a war with his rapping skills.
But that is another story for another time...
Tony comes out and gives an encore rap of his song:
I'm on a boat (YEAH)
Drinkin' outta a coconut
And there's a hula girl doin' hula
I forgot just what the hell that hula means
You become emperor of Japan and unite the people with rap.
Who woulda thunk it, huh?
The moral of the story: Power of rap can unify the people.
You rap the moral of the story. Your popularity grows.
"You know how to rap, and you're very close friends with me. What are you gonna do when you meet... The Count?" Jimu says.