Milton, a guy at the Opera with his wife, gets stabbed at urinal

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Your name is Milton. You are at the Opera with your wife. During the intermission and you head to the bathroom. You are urinating at the urinal when the man next to you leans over and says...

"Hey buddy, which social network is the best one to be on, MeWe or GAB?"
You reply "Whats a social network?"
The man yells "AHHHH RACISTS!" and stabs you with a knife.
You bandage yourself and go sit back down next to your wife. You know you should say something but she looks so happy and you don't want to ruin her night.

The movie ends and on the way out you take a survey...
The survey is about getting stabbed in a bathroom. You give the experience a low rating. This survey is silly and pointless.

Later that night you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your arm. You ignore it and the pain subsides. The next day you wake up and go to the bathroom. Looking at your forearm in the mirror you see a word written on it in felt tip marker "WATCH."

> You realize you have been cursed by the Phantom of the Bathroom.
You run to a mirror and see that your reflection is gone. "I'm trapped in the mirror world!" you yell. The police investigate but find no trace of you. However, your wife continues to search for you and sets up a website called and posts your picture on it.
You realize that you are able to communicate to the real world through the website, but you can only used animated gifs. First you post a file of a cat, then you try to warn people that The Phantom of the Opera is planning on killing again. You post a video of the phantom killing de la Croix and then escaping into the night but the file gets corrupted.
The Phantom of the Bathroom appears behind you. He tells you to follow him to his lair. You have a gut feeling that this isn't a good idea but you follow him anyway.
He takes you deeper and deeper into the mirror world until you are in a bizarre version of the real world. Buildings are backwards, words are spelled backwards, and even your reflection is backwards.

> You see Jerry Seinfeld in the mirror world. He is getting cars in a big cup of coffee with other comedians. "Who are these people?" he screams.
Netflix comes and gets you out of the mirror world. You can't do anything except watch Netflix. You watch Stranger Things, Westworld, and every stand up special ever made. You watch Nacho Libre, Zathura, and every other movie that has ever had a sequel or a prequel.

> You find out that the Phantom is the CEO of Netflix.
The Netflix logo appears on your screen. You can't do anything to stop him. You and everyone else are his slaves.
You try to communicate with your wife through her recommended movies. You pick The Cube, a foreign film in another language, and I'm Not Your Game, a romance movie.
When the logo appears on your screen your wife realizes what has happened. She visits the Netflix headquarters and slays the evil demon. Your reflection and freedom are restored to you.
Your wife takes over Netflix. You enjoy your days off.
You decide to take your wife out to the Opera again.
The same thing happens again.
You are such a jerk.