Chad, a sneaky, untrustworthy friend

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You are Chad, a sneaky, untrustworthy friend. You want to make some quick cash, so you hack into your friend's bank account and take the money he was going to use for his kid's college fund. You spend the money in a matter of weeks. Your friend comes to you and asks if you know what happened to his kid's college fund. You say, "I don't know. Maybe somebody stole it. I'm betting your dad's the one who stole the money. He seems like a thief." Your friend pulls out his phone and calls his dad. While he's talking, you say, "I bet you're glad I didn't steal from you." Your friend is confused. "What are you talking about? I never thought you stole from me.

> You say "That's good, because I definitive did NOT steal from you."
You say "That's good, because I definitive did NOT steal from you."
You realized that you forgot to cover your tracks...

> You go home and hack bank into your friend's bank account to cover your tracks. But the bank is onto you.
You hack into the bank's system and try to cover your tracks. They try to apprehend you, but you escape, for now...
You say, "I bet the bank owner's Dad hacked the bank, surely not me."
You realize that you have some explaining to do...

> You explain away all your crimes.
You admit to all your crimes. "It was me," you say. The cop says, "I knew it!"
Your parents are disappointed in you, and they send you to a military school as punishment.

> You hack into the military school's computer network and give yourself top grades in every class.
You hack into the school's computer and give yourself top grades in every class. You have fun, learn nothing, and are still a disappointment to your parents.
You decide to go into the family business...
making Peruvian flutes. You Dad is happy you finally decided to learn the art of the craft.
Your Mom is happy that you're on the right track.
You get a job at the flute shop. All is well.

> You one morning you are riding your bike to open the flute shop but you smell burning Peruvian flute in the air and see the flute shop is on fire.
The only person who could save the shop is you!
You have a choice:
Ride your bike into the shop to save the day and face the fire head on.

> You ride your bike into the shop to save the day and face the fire head on.
You ride your bike into the burning shop. It is a disaster all around. The fire isn't the only injury you get that day.
You half have some Peruvian flutes grafted to your skin that fell on you in the fire. They hurt like a son-of-a-gun.
You're not able to play for weeks because of the pain.

> You whenever you sigh, air blows out the flutes in your face.
The pain and ridicule of being the face-flute boy is too much to bear. You grow up bitter and angry and never fulfill your once promising potential.
Your mother plays the Peruvian flute to you every night before bed to cheer your up. It does not work.
On your 32nd birthday you drink a glass of wine at lunchtime. You have been doing this every day for the last ten years.
You go to sleep that night and never wake up.
Your mother wakes you up by giving you a toot of Peruvian snow aka cocaine. That was a weird way to wake up from death.
You sit there confused, and then burst into flames because you died sitting by an open fire.
You are a ghost, destined to roam the city looking for the criminals who set your families flute shop on fire. You want your revenge.
You go to the police station and learn that the criminals were never caught or identified. You will never get your revenge.
You join the police force in an effort to bring justice to the world.