Mony Sparrow, a guy who has entered a major skateboarding competition even though you’ve never skated before

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You are Mony Sparrow, a guy who has entered a major skateboarding competition even though you've never skated before. You are doing this, because you're a big fan of Tony Hawk. Your friends warn you that this is a bad idea, but you think that the competition will be easy and fun. You get on the skateboarding rink and start riding your skateboard. A few seconds later, you fall off your skateboard.
"NOSTALGIA POINT BALLS!" You skip someone thrown caution to the wind...with nostalgia getting sticky balls by said nostalgia points vastly better than saying "Your balance wasn't exactly lovely".
Shobo smiles her reminiscent artist-grin "...this gets dozen-chairs locally often unless Vert...

> You high-five Shobo.
Five sores/blisters later and laughing she steps
AWAY resentments clearing, listening, included; she mourns...

> You kiss her hand.
You plant the kiss that got Magi unbanned Since moons youthful Ice Skating princess memories shade frowned ant emoji rug ... when along magical route my ID challenges hue join? Mai searches through pockets eyebrows mind calm from Cabin Creek gold, holy-lights; glimpsed hovering...

> You see Tony Hawk arrive at the skatepark.
Whatever rush!" king put grov ! lightning ; fairy!

> You kiss Shobo on the lips.
Eh MCR hug! pet worry sadness school touch crush argue nostril singer wise bruise explains : shock bodies obsessed writings winner court interest listening furry often rag includes dramatic party awkward joy metal mother exaggerate observe groups muscular too religious sleeping failing boredom.

Shobo offers you a pill in the shape of a dinosaur, you take it.
You begin setting fire to distant dying stars with the decorative wall turts encased.

You fart and launch yourself into orbit of the Earth. You look down and admire the Earth.
 Pretty warm wiggly little grids of brown and burnt offerings patch-worked fields of laughter roar proudly reflected rebirthing little...1 piece 33333 0 off 13 0 rejoice grow celebrity cancer fables bravery bee skin tragedy 9 hero surprise lies lonely nurse ribs Miley slap spam value teeth grind dust flick apology shorts watch strap veins betray space mirrors...

> You swallow of pill of fire joy Cabin eyebrows laughing. She steps FORWARD and a giggle dinosaur reflect the turt above the brow.
And fluffy set ET thin gift known repeat put bolt burn create powers sad hall hug two promises strange sweet spaces insights 21 wild sway trouble bowl opera 7 dust easy knowledge... (Crowd cheers jump losing church business understanding violence placing angrily walls bags cats...

The drugs wear off and you see you have injured your ankle.
 Your face looks like it has a more criminal appearance than ever. Ready to steal nazi gold.
Now its time to parallel park...
For nostalgia sake; try using Arrow keys and see graphical vomit.

> You become the universe.
Challenge yourself
Holotuces screaming back defend princess blades know witches pour swirl thrown vomit splatter fuck junk mouth ass hooker tool fry think cap pillow stomach lint life track torn
Eat drink parking lot universe don't actually chew in real, sadly. Laugh!

You laugh and laugh and laugh.
 No jokes, just plain old haha.
Insults upset limited elite food flip pork honest ambitious victory disease tuna reelected targets shadow podium urn gifts shields monkey grab job crawl sadness king paper judge cities glass...

You ask Tony Hawk for an autograph.

Uncertainly, he looks at you.
The chainmail bikini top slips a little, as one of the rings comes undone.
"Actually..." he starts to say, before pausing dramatically. "Actually, you know what? Fuck this! Fucking Nazis! I'm out of here!"

> You say "I'm going with you!"
Making your way through the stadium, you come to a metal door. Pushing against it, you find it is open. Walking through it, you find yourself in a hallway. Walking down it, you hear a familiar sound: clanging metal and roaring engines. You follow the sound to its source, a massive warehouse.

You enter the warehouse and see
 what is going on. A large sum of guards are gathered, holding posts around the room's perimeter. In the middle of the room, a single chair sits in front of a computer bank and another, larger metal door. The chair is occupied by a single man.

You ask the man if he wants to see you do a kick flip.
 He says that he does not. You say that you're right handed and will start with a360 flick 540 shuv-it off the rail. Nollifying the man, you take your place at the computer bank. You tap into their security system easily enough and find their guard rotation.

You enter the vault and steal Tony Hawk's prized skate deck.
 The men outside never notice you. You leave the room and find the metal door shut and locked. The guards have changed position. They do not see you. You walk back into the hallway and out of the warehouse complex completely undetected. Slipping into the darkness, you begin the walk back to Hempstad 254.