Koko Rico, the last of the cowboys

Posted under Episode 161, Story On By Chief

You are Koko Rico, the last of the cowboys. You are on one last cattle run when a big thunderstorm hits. You take refuge in a cave, when you see…
"Morning, cowboy. Have fun last night?"
You look to see your horse, Thomson. "I always have fun when I drink with you, Thommo."

> You say "Am I the only one who can hear you talk? "
"Sorry, Koko. Everyone else is gone now."
You open your eyes to see the sun rising over the plains.

> You gently stroke your horse as you both look over the beautiful scenery. Thompson neighs gleefully.
You gallop across the plains as the wind rushes through your hair.

> You drive the cattle through the plains of Wyoming.
You ride your horse across the wide and open plains, covered with all sorts of animals.
"Them's cows." Says Thompson. You smile as you round up the cattle in the direction of the camp.

> You say "Do any of them's cows talk like you?"
"Just the one." Your horse replies, looking at you with its cold dead eyes.
You ride for the camp, as the sky darkens.

> You go looking for the talking cow after Thomson falls asleep.
As the darkness closes around you, you feel a certain cold shiver run down your spine. You look around, but can see nothing but the endless blackness.
You turn around to go back to camp and bump into a cow. The cow yells, "Ouch, hey look where you are going bub!" It's the talking cow you've been looking for!
"Come on, I have something to show you." The cow turns and walks away. You look back, and decide to follow it into the darkness.

> You as you follow the cow you constantly step in cow shit.
In the darkness you are lead, it becomes apparent that you have been following a talking cow.
You arrive at a farm house. You can see one single light on. The talking cow says, "I want you to break in and kill the farmer that lives here. I'll distract the wife."
You are shocked, cow's can't talk! "What the fuck... I'm calling the cops!
The cow says "Don't move or your finished." Your realize the talking cow is a psycho that wants to kill you.
"Or what, you gonna moo moo me to death?"
The cow steps forward and pushes you.
Your horse Thompson appears from the darkness and threatens the cow to back off.
The cow moo's, "Or the horse will get me?" and laughs at you.
You turn to face the talking cow, he glares at you and says, "You're not going anywhere,"
You whistle and scream for Thomson to come help you.
As you turn back, you notice the talking cow has disappeared. Your horse isn't there anymore either.
You realize how scared you are and want your mommy.

> You go back to camp and find the cow and Thompson waiting for you.
Your safe in camp. You see the cow and Thompson standing there.
The cow says "I'm gonna kill you" and laughs evilly, he charges at you, getting faster and faster.
You move slightly to the left. The cow goes flying past you into a tree. Woooaaaah!
You look back at the cow and realize it is the talking cow, he's not dead but he looks really beat up!

> You walk up to the talking cow who is laying on the ground injured. You slap him hard across the face and say "You're hamburger"
You slap the cow so hard, his head circles all the way around. He lands back on the grass, dead.
You hear a rip behind you and quickly turn around. Thompson jumps on you and bites your throat out. A claw has come out of the darkness and ripped you in half. You have died.
Cow murderer.

> You before you die, you say "Thompson, I've always loved you in a romantic way."
Thompson looks at you and blushes. He nuzzles your neck and pees on you before eating your face off.
A group of seven cows emerge from the darkness. One of them says, "Justice has been served this night. The slaughter of our people ends here."