Virtual Tony constantly gets prank phone calls

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Your name is Tony. You constantly get prank phone calls on your home telephone. You answer the telephone very angrily and shout "WHO IS THIS?!". The voice on the telephone answers...

"Leave me alone..."

This story is based off of a dream I had... I was having it while half asleep, so I actually woke up as I wrote the last line!

> You say "What do you mean? You called me!"
The voice on the other end of the telephone laughs insanely.
"I didn't call you, you called me!"
"Are you insane? I don't want to speak to you! Go away!"

The voice on the other end sounds like an attractive female voice.
 She laughs insanely once more. You slam the phone down, and quickly fall back to sleep seconds later.

> You wake up. It is night, and the attractive woman is standing by your bed.
The beautiful woman is standing by your bed. She looks down at you, and you look back upwards. She winks, closes your door, and leaves the room. You freeze.

> You follow the woman, and invite her back to your bed.
You quickly get out of bed, and follow the woman. You enter your hallway, and turn right, heading towards the living room. However, before you can reach it, a wall emerges, blocking your path.

> You see the written on the wall is a 900 number saying that if you want to continue this fantasy, it is $5.99 a minute.
You pick up a phone that is on the wall of your living room and dial the number. The line rings twice, and you find yourself listening to a sultry female voice.
"Hello." She says.

> You say "I've been dreaming about you"
"I know." The woman replies. "What do you want to ask me?"
"I want to ask you what happens next in my dreams."
"Very well, what happens next is..."

> You say "I've been dreaming about you"
"Hi," you say.
The woman on the phone laughs a little. "Are you sure this is the one you want to go on?"
"Yes, I'm quite sure.

> You say "Tell me a sexy bedtime story."
"A sexy bedtime story? OK, what would you like to hear about?"
"I dunno. Fairies? Mermaids? Succubi?

She recites the script to Little Mermaid in a sexy tone.
 Now you're getting turned on.
"That was... Interesting."
"It gets better. What else would you like to hear?"
"I dunno. Fairies? Mermaids? Succubii?"

> You say "Lumberjacks"
"Lumberjacks? OK, I can do that."
She begins to recite the script to Paul Bunyan in a sexy tone. You feel yourself getting quite excited. You begin to stroke your shaft.

> You ask the woman on the phone to meet you in person.
"What do you look like?" you ask.
"I'm a 26 year old blonde who works as a receptionist in Manhattan. I'm pretty tall, about 5'7", and I have size 6 feet.

> You say "How much do you weigh?"
"About 130 pounds. Why? Does that turn you on?"
"Do you want to have phone sex or not?"
"No, I do... Wait a minute. What's your name?"

> You ask the woman to email you her college transcripts.
"Karen, I'm going to have to admit something to you."
"What's that?" she asks.

> You say "I want you to meet my mother before we marry"
There is silence on the line. You hold your breath and wait for a response.
"I can't believe this," she says. "I thought you were different."
"Different? How?
"I can't believe you're doing this to me after I did that story for you," she says. "You know, I think you'd better go."
"Karen, wait!

> You hire a private detective to find Karen so you can apologize to her in person.
You hire a private detective to find Karen. He tracks her down in Vermont, where she is attending Middlebury College. You write her a long letter, apologizing for what you did and explaining that you were just nervous.

> You show to her College and interrupt that class she is in.
You show up at the college and interrupt her sociology class. She sees you and is embarrassed. You begin to explain but she says she doesn't want to hear it. You apologize again, but it isn't enough.

> You sing.
You open your mouth and before you can belt out "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra, the class is over. She leaves in a hurry.