Virtual Jason takes a vacation to New York

Posted under Episode 160, Story On By Chief

You are Jason, a guy who's taking a vacation to New York, but you don't want to pay for a hotel. In order to save money, you decide to spend the night in a restroom. You use one of the restroom stalls as a bedroom. You make a blanket out of toilet paper. You lay on the bathroom floor and close your eyes. However, the sound of a toilet flushing wakes you up. You say, "Hey, keep it down. I'm trying to get some sleep."

To your surprise, a beautiful woman comes out of the stall. The woman says, "Hurry up! You won't want to miss this!" She runs out of the restroom.

You hear a crowd gathering outside the bathroom.
 You stand up and walk outside. Your mouth drops when you see what everyone is looking at. It's a big red telephone booth. The doors of the booth open, and a man steps out of it.

> You out steps a man who introduces himself as Dr Whom.
You have a lot of questions for the man, but you can't seem to find your voice. The man smiles and says, "You're speechless! I always get that reaction."

> You say "I am speechless because you look exactly like Nicolas Cage!"
"I have gone by many names in many times. Right now, you can call me Dr Whom."
"Why are you here?"
"To take you to the land of OZ.

> You open the door of the red telephone booth and say "This would make a very nice bedroom". You walk inside and close the door.
The Doctor walks off to talk to the crowd of people.

> You look around for the beautiful woman.
The woman is standing a short distance away. You walk over to her.

> You say "There's an urgent phone call for you in my bedroom."
"I can't go to your bedroom!"
"Why not?"
"My husband would get very angry if he saw me talking to you. He doesn't like you."
You think of something to say.

> You find the Dr. Whom and ask him if he is magic.
The Doctor smiles. He does not answer your question, but he walks towards you.
"Come with me," says the Doctor. "I need to show you something." The Doctor walks into the red telephone booth.

> You enter and you are surprised when you look around.
The red telephone box is now a small control room. The room is cramped and there are only four seats. You sit down in one of the chairs.
The Doctor sits in front of several instruments.

> You spread out some newspapers on the chair and lay down.
As you stretch out the newspaper slips out of your hands. You see a small advertisement at the bottom of the page. It shows a picture of someone you know.

It's the beautiful woman! You are inspired to learn an instrument to impress her.

Which instrument should Annabeth learn? (Bass Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar or Piano?

You pick drums as they are the easiest of the options provided.

The music plays. A video of someone playing drums is displayed on a large screen above the stage.
Annabeth plays the drums perfectly. It seems that she has been playing the drums since birth.

> You say "Uhhh, Dr. Whom, what is this machine? Is it some kind of space time manipulator?"
"That's right," says the Doctor. "It's a space time manipulator."
"How is that even possible?" you ask.
"Time Lord technology makes anything possible.

> You say "Anything? Show my life as if I was president living in the White House."
The Doctor turns some knobs on the device. Suddenly you are sitting in a rocking chair looking at four walls. You are a baby.
The year is 1874 and you are living in the White House.