Olaf, a guy who found a genie lamp

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You are Olaf, a guy who found a genie lamp. You rub the lamp and out comes a genie. The genie says, "Hi, dude. I can make your wishes come true, but only three of them so you better make good wishes." For your first wish, you say, "I'm tired of my brother bragging about his new car. I wish the car would disappear." The genie gets rid of the car. Your brother goes into his driveway and sees that his car is gone.
 He asks you, "Did you see a car here?" You reply, "No.

Your brother calls the police. 
The police arrive and ask you, "Did you see who stole the car?" You reply, "No. I've been sitting here all day." The police tell your brother they can do nothing more.

> You say "Hey Genie, do you eat ass?"
The genie says, "What?"

> You ask the genie to suggest a wish for you.
The genie says, "There's a wishing fountain at the mall. We could go there and make our wishes."
You and the genie go to the wishing fountain in the middle of the mall.

> You give the genie a coin and tell him to make a wish.
The genie tosses the coin into the water. It hits the surface and sinks to the bottom. The water starts getting murky. A ghost appears from the depths and grabs the genie by his wrist.

> You ask the genie what he wished for.
The genie says, "I can't tell you or it won't come true."
The ghost pulls the genie under the water and his hand dissapears.

> You jump in the water and try to follow the ghost dragging genie away.
You jump off the ledge and into the water with your arms outstretched. Your body goes through the ghost but you grab his wrist and pull him down to the bottom of the fountain.

> You pass through the bottom of the fountain and pass into the ghost realm. You see the genie off in the distance.
You swim towards the genie. You swim faster and faster. The ghost begins to flee but you are gaining on him.

> You wish that ghosts didn't exist.
The ghost dissapears and you are surrounded by water. The water is gone and you find yourself in a barren landscape. You see the genie in the distance.
You follow the genie through the desert landscape.

> You catch up to the genie just outside an ancient-looking city. The city is filled with genies. "Welcome to my home," the genie says.
The city is filled with people who look exactly like the genie. "These are all my brothers," he says, "My twin brother Amir is somewhere in this city."

> You say "Do all these genies grant wishes?"
"Of course not," the genie says, "I'm the only one who grants wishes."
You look around and see every genie in the city looking at you.

> You realize you are wearing an Aladdin T-shirt. The genie tells you, "Everyone here hates that movie."
An angry mob of genies starts to move towards you.
You start running away from the city. The genies run faster than you do and one of them leaps into the air and lands on your back.

You shake off the genie, then another genie pulls you into his shop and locks the door. "You are safe here," he tells you. "My name is Amir."

You recognize the genie as the one that was in the Aladdin movie.

> You say "I came here with your brother. He's looking for you."
"Oh no," he says, "He got himself into trouble. I bet the Grand Wizzer summoned him and put him in jail. He's in there for a thousand years."
"What should I do?"

> You head off to see the Grand Wizzer.
Amir tells you, "You must go to the palace on the hill. You will be able to find the Grand Wizzer in the palace there."

> You meet with the Grand Wizzer and ask that he release the genie, because the genie owes you one more wish.
The Grand Wizzer says, "The genie has broken our laws and must face justice. I will not change the sentence of the court.

> You say "I wish I was the Grand Wizzer!"
Your face begins to stretch and you grow a big white beard. You realize that you have just changed into the Grand Wizzer.
You grant yourself a pardon for the genie and free him from jail.