Virtual Jim housesits for Jason

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You are Jim, a guy who is housesitting for your friend, Jason. Jason and Tony are planning on going to Comic Con. They asked if you wanted to come along, but you said, "Comics are for nerds." Jason instructs you to take good care of his house. You say, "Whatever, dude." A week later, Jason returns home. He sees that there are holes in the walls and that his computer's been smashed apart. He also sees you napping on the floor, because all the furniture's gone.
 He says, "What happened here?" How do you respond?
A: Tell him that you did all this after finding a bite mark in your sandwich.
Q: Who is your favorite character from the following?

> You say "this is what you get for taking a bite out of my sandwich 3 years ago."
You are now Dr. Frank N. Furter
Q: You are driving down the road when a woman with a flat tire stops you.

You tell Jason that you had many Midnight showings of a pirated version of Rocky Horror Picture Show and that is the crowd the trashed the place.
 You also say that you did this after finding a bite mark in your sandwich.
You are driving down the road when a woman with a flat tire stops you.
I mean...

> You look in the back of her truck and find all of Jason's furniture.
"What's going on here?" you ask.
"Oh, this?" The woman says, "I bought a bunch of stuff from your friend. He owed me money."
"He gave you my furniture!?"

> You take the furniture back, and leave the women stranded with her flat tire.
You have a shop class next, but considering you've been running around and now you've went through with this elaborate plan to steal back your own furniture, you're too tired to go.

> You go look for Jason.
You find him outside the shop class working on his car, which he always seems to need to fix.
"What's up?" He asks.
You put both hands on his car and shake it slightly.

> You the car slips off the jack stand and pins Jason's arm to the ground.
"HEY! Watch it!" He says.
You run away before he figures out it was you.

> You arrive home and turn on the news where the headline is "MAN TRAPPED UNDER HIS OWN CAR" and you see a photo of yourself and wanted written in all caps under your name.
You go to your room and hide under the bed.
You hear a knock on the door...

The end.

> You unwrap the sandwich you have hidden under your bed, but there is a bite taken out of it. The door opens, and Jason steps inside. He says...
"Hey, did you eat the last of my sandwich?"
You shake your head "no", but when you see him staring at the bitten sandwich you point to it and say.
"That's not yours?"

> You pin Jason against the wall and force his mouth open looking for evidence of sandwich.
You run to your wardrobe and slam the door behind you.
You hear a loud knock and a voice saying, "Cody, it's the police."
The end.

Tony walks in, laughing at the prank he pulled on you. "What a bunch of Codys you are," he says. 
The pair of you get back up, and he puts his hands out. "Come on, shake my hand."

> You you, Tony, and Jason all shake hands when suddenly the real police bust in the house.
"FREEZE!" They say as guns are pointed at the three of you. "Cody Broad, you are under arrest for hacking."
One of them puts handcuffs on you.

> You look at Tony and Jason and say "You ratted me out! I know it! Real funny prank! I'm gonna get you back!"
The police lead you out of the house as you angrily point at them.
You are now behind bars.
The end.
You find yourself in an alley...
A: With Kate, hiding from the killer.

> You found out on your own that the police where actually the Karma Police. You see Kate in this alley, and you are so paranoid that you think everyone is part of a prank now.
You hide with Kate, hoping the killer doesn't find you.
A: You think it is actually the FBI there to get you, not the police.

> You say "Kate, do you know where the killer is?"
The "police" start to enter the alley.
You and Kate hide in a dumpster, waiting for them to pass.

> You pull a prank on Kate and jump out of the dumpster and say, "Hey police, here is your killer!"
The man is confused. "What are you doing in that dumpster?"
You don't say a word, your throat too dry to speak.
"Why are you in that dumpster?" The officer asks again.

> You say "Why are you not in the dumpster?"
"What the hell is wrong with you?" He asks. "Do you have some sort of mental illness?"

> You say "Do you have some sort of mental illness?"
"Why are you asking me such weird questions?" He asks.
You start to sweat. You don't know why, but it almost seems like he's on to you.

> You say "This is what you get when you mess with us."
"I'm not messing with you," he says. "Now tell me, why are you in that dumpster?"
The man bends down to look inside the dumpster.

> You say "Because we're hiding from the killer!"
The man and his partner look in the dumpster.
"Open it up," the first says to the second.
The opens the dumpster, throwing out garbage.