Ryu Irohizaka, a sushi chef in Tokyo

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Your name is Ryu Irohizaka. You are a sushi chef in Tokyo. Your specialy dish is poinsonous Fugo blowfish. You are preparing a meal when you hear a commotion coming from the dining room. You rush into the dining room and hear someone scream "He's been poisoned!". Everyone turns their heads to stare at you in disapproval.
 Then you hear the glass break. You look down to see that your fish knife has just fallen out of its ivory sheath and shattered to pieces.

> You apologize and bow very deeply.
You kowtow to the entire room. "My apologies" you say with a very low bow.
The woman steps forward. "Do you know how much that costs?" she screams.

> You say "It was probably very cheap with how easy it broke, I'm guessing I got ripped off when I bought it."
You check your facts before criticizing. "I got it at the dollar store."
The woman's eyes grow wide. Her mouth opens and closes several times as if she is a fish out of water.

The ambulance arrives and take the poisoned man away on a stretcher. You get the strange feeling that his wife is responsible for the poisoning.

You take your leave and grab a bite to eat at the local Denny's.
Before you go to bed, you realize that it was the fish knife that shattered.

> You lie in bed staring at the ceiling. You don't sleep all night.
You wake up to the sound of a knock on your door. You check your watch and see that it's noon. You never sleep in this late.

> You open the door, it's a police officer.
"Are you Ryu Irohizaka?" the officer asks.
"Yes." you reply.
The officer takes out a notepad and reads off of it. "You are under arrest for suspicion of murder."

> You say "It wasn't me! It was the wife! She did it!"
You don't remember what happens next. You wake up in a hospital bed with a cast on your arm and a nasty welt on your forehead.

> You look down at your wrist and see you are handcuffed to the bed. A nurse walks by to check on your vitals and you ask her what happened.
"You don't remember?" she asks.
"No." you reply.

"A police officer came and arrested you for the murder of your friend, Hayama." she tells you.

> You say "You confess to the nurse "I'm innocent. Please believe me. Take off these handcuffs, I beg you. I need to catch the real murderer."
"Sorry" the nurse says, "Rules are rules. I'll go get the officer so he can speak to you."
You watch her walk away and a tear forms in your eye.

> You use a deboning knife that you still have in your pocket to pick open the handcuffs and escape the hospital.
As you are running away, you bump into the nurse and accidently knock her down.
You look behind you to see the officer chasing after you.

> You look out the window and see swarms of cops outside the building. You take the stairs and head to the roof.
You are running out of time. You run across the rooftop and suddenly lose your footing, teetering at the edge of the building.
If you fall from this height, you're dead for sure.

> You turn around to see an officer with his gun drawn. You tell him, "I didn't kill my friend Hayama!" He replies, "I don't care!"
You scream as you fall to your death.

> You fall three stories and land in a dumpster full of cardboard boxes. You live.
You're not dead, but you are alive and in pain. You can't walk and you can barely move. You reach into your pocket to grab your cell phone to call for help.

> You call the one person you can still trust.
You call your sister. "Hello?" she answers. "Kasumi, it's me, Iroh." you say through gritted teeth. "Brother? You sound awful, are you OK?"

> You say "Kasumi, I'm wanted for murder. But I didn't do it, please pick me up. I'm in a dumpster behind the hopsital."
You hear your sister sigh. "Which hospital?"
"The one downtown."
"OK, I'll be there in a few minutes."
Kasumi arrives in her car shortly after and helps you inside.

> You tell her you've been framed for murder by Hayama's wife.
"That's awful!" she replies, "I'll take you to a doctor."
You arrive at the hospital and are tended to by a medical professional. You refuse surgery and just want some painkillers for now.

> You go to the restaurant and look for evidence to prove your innocence.
You arrive at the restaurant and meet with your manager.
"Nice of you to join us today, Mr. Irohizaka." he says sarcastically.
"I'm sorry I'm late."

You are glad your boss clearly does not keep up with the news and run back to the kitchen to look for clues.

"So where do you think the knife might be?" asks your sis. "Hayama's wife probably got rid of it.

> You ask one of the dishwashers if they've seen a poisoned knife.
The dishwasher nerves begin to shake. "I don't know what you're talking about."
You grab him by the collar and start shaking him. "Tell me where that knife is!" you shout.

> You stick his head in the dishwasher and scream "Tell me where the knife is!"
You decide the best way to get information is to scare it out of him. You stick his head in the dishwasher and begin to turn on the machine. After a few seconds he starts talking.

"OK! OK! It's in the Hayama family's private jet!" he screams.
You turn off the machine and release your grip on him.
"Thanks for the info,"

> You head with Kasumi to the airport. You head to the Hayama's family private hanger where you see Mrs Hayama holding the poisoned and cackling.
"Ah, I knew you'd come, Iroh."
You look around and see Hayama's private jet. There's the knife you're looking for.

> You wrestle the knife out of her hand's and the police surround the hanger.
You wrestle the knife out of her hand and manage to signal the police.
"There they are!"
You turn around and see the police pointing their guns at you. "Put your hands in the air!

> You say "Please, don't shoot. I have the evidence that proves my innocence! Mrs Hayama killed her husband!!!"
"Shut up, murderer!" one of the officers shout back.
A voice comes over the loudspeaker. "The accused has been found guilty of first degree murder and is to be taken into custody immediately."

> You run into the jet's cockpit and start the engines at full speed, then pull out of the hanger with the jet.
The jet's enging kicks into full gear and you pull out of the hanger.
"We did it, sis!"
Just as the Hayama security team surround you again and point their guns at you.

You look behind you and see Mrs Hayama. She attempts to wrestle the jet controls away from you.

"Let go of the controls!" you shout.
The two of you fight over the controls and the two planes pulling the jet backwards at full speed.
"Look out!"

> You pull back on the controls very hard and the plane takes off. Mrs Hayama falls back into the back of the plane.
You pull back on the controls and manage to get the plane into the air.
"We did it! We're flying!"
You floor the engine, flying away from the Hayama estate.

You set the plane on autopilot and go back into the cabin to check on Mrs Hayama. You see she is holding the poison knife to Kasumi's throat.

"Stop the plane, or I kill your sister!" she shouts.
"I can't do that," you say.
She looks at you in confusion. "What?

> You say "Ok!" then you turn off the engines.
"You'll have to kill me too!" you say and you force the knife away from your sister.
With this last burst of adrenaline you manage to knock the knife far out of her reach.

You open the emergency hatch, and Kasumi kicks Mrs Hayama out of the plane.

You hear her screams echo into the night as she falls into the Pacific Ocean far below.
"Should we go back for her?" asks Kasumi.

> You say "Sis, there's no going back." and give a rye smile."
"Yeah, there's no going back."
The two of you sit side by side in silence on the plane ride back to Kyushu.
One Month Later...

Kasumi sits with you in the waiting area of the airport. You have both been silent for a while.
"Do you think we did the right thing?" asks Kasumi.
"I think so,"

The detective comes over to talk to you and says, "Well you definitely did NOT kill Mr Hayama, but you definitely did kill Mrs Hayama and well as steal a plane and resist arrest."

"What happens now?" you ask.
"Well, you'll be going back to the United States to stand trial for murder."
"What about my sister?"
"We'll extradite her as well."

You testify at trial that you did what you had to prove your innocence. Killing Mrs Hayama was an act of self defense. You hope the jury see's your side of the story.

You and your sister are sentenced to life in jail. The judge feels you are a danger to society and should never be released.
You're mother comes to see you before they take you away.

You mother walks up to you and says
, "I'm sorry son. I tried everything to get you out of there."
"That's OK mom. At least Kasumi and I will be together, that's the most important thing."

Kasumi looks at you and grins. You are confused but you look down and see that she has stolen the handcuff keys.

Kasumi has escaped again and this time you've gone to join her.