Gus Bosgraves, a gas station clerk in the middle of nowhere that loves root beer

Posted under Episode 156, Story On By Chief

You are Gus Bosgraves, a gas station clerk in the middle of nowhere. You love root beer, you drink it every day. There is a root beer factory not too far from where you live. One day the root beer factory shutters it's doors. You go to the local Walmart and ask where all the root beer went and they manager tells you it's all gone. It's been over a week since you last had a root beer.

Then you get a call that your ex-girlfriend, Faylene has been in a car crash.

> You go check on Faylene in the hospital.
You rush to the hospital where you learn Faylene is in a coma. As you wait for her to wake up, you try to drink as much root beer as you can from the vending machines.

> You check the expiration date on the can of Rootbeer. It's been expired for five years. You feel a little sick.
You buy a can of expired root beer from the vending machine at work. You drink it and feel sick immediately.
Your stomach starts convulsing and your head grows hot. You begin to sweat as your heart races.

> You rush back to the hospital.
You drop to the floor as a horrible pain shoots through your chest. A warm liquid oozes from your nose and ears as you begin to vomit a thick black sludge.

The puddle of black sludge moves on the ground. It then forms into a small creature made out of Root Beer and evil.

Your doctor walks into the room and screams.

The creature lunges at the doctor spraying black goo all over her face.
 She falls to the floor screaming in agony as her eyes melt.
You try to stand up but your legs don't work. A horrible pain shoots through your body and you can't move.

The small Root Beer creatures says in a low growling voice "Want some Root Beer?
 I fill You full of root beer.

A little bit of his "root beer" gets on your skin and burns you. You knock the creature out of the way and run into the halls screaming for help.

You wake up in a hospital bed. You Mom stands over you.
"Mom?" you say weakly.
"Oh thank God, I thought that monster got you too."

> You say "Where is Faylene? Is she OK?"
"She's OK. They kept her in the hospital for a few weeks and now she's back at home."
"What happened at the factory?
 The news said there was a massive explosion."
"That's what happened. I'll never forgive myself. I got you the job. If I didn't the accident wouldn't have happened.

> You say "Alright Mom, whatever. Can you take me to see Faylene?"
"Sure honey, I'll take you to her house after you rest up a bit."
You spend the next day in the hospital getting checked out. They say you're fine so you head home.

> You head home. You open the door and see Faylene sitting on the couch. Next to her is a can of Root Beer. You slap it off the side table and onto the carpet.
"What was that for?" Faylene asks. "I loved that root beer!"
"I know where the root beer factory is."
"You do?

> You see the root beer start to melt the carpet. You and Faylene decide to go investigate at the blown up root beer factory.
You and Faylene walk to the factory. It's a 15 minute walk. The factory is surrounded by a police tape. A cop stops you before you cross.

The cop tells you "The Root Beer factory is closed. It's been infected by evil."

"That's ridiculous. We worked there for years and were fine.

> You see men in hazmat suits carrying barrels full of black goo out of the wreckage.
"What are they doing?" you ask.
"They're taking the evidence to be destroyed." the cop replies.

You then feel a rumbling in your stomach. You bend over and puke up a little black evil Root Beer creature.
 You then realize you feel a lot better.
"Do you feel OK?" asks the cop. You nod. Your head is clear and not filled with the screams of agony.

The little root beer creature offers the cop a root beer. The cop accepts, you try to stop him, but he drinks it all before you can warn him.
 The cop begins convulsing and falls to the ground. His skin turns a dark brown, he grows fingernails and toenails, and his teeth turn into fangs. He's became a root beer zombie.

> You and Faylene scream and run past the root beer zombie and into the Root beer factory.
You and Faylene run into the factory. The factory has been torn apart. Everything is broken. There are holes in the walls and roof, exposing it to the outside. There are several root beer barrels laying around.

> You hide in a closet with Faylene.
"Should we really be hiding?" Fay asks.
"I think we should."
You hear the growls of root beer zombies searching for you. They find the closet and try to get you out.

> You push against the back of the closet and the wall opens up into a secret passage.
You and Fay run through the secret passage. It leads you outside of the factory. You're in the forest when a root beer zombie finds you and attacks.
You wake up hours later in a hospital bed.

The hospital is dark, there are no lights on. You get up and look for any signs of life. You see a light, it is a vending machine, it is filled with root beer. A little root beer creature turns around and says, "Want some root beer?"

It's the last thing you see before the root beer creature attacks.