Virtual Jim gets interrogated

Posted under Episode 155, Story On By Chief

Your name is Jim. You have been arrested and brought to the police station. You are sitting in the interogation room, when two police officers enter through the door. You look at their badges, one reads "Police Officer Jason" and the badge of the other police officer reads "Police Officer Tony". They sit down and begin to ask you questions.

"Tell us your side of the story", says Police Officer Tony.

You explain what happened. About five minutes into the explanation, Police Officer Jason's phone begins to ring. "Damn it"

Police Officer Jason steps out of the interrogation room and that's when officer Tony pulls out a baseball bat and demands answers.

1. Will you a. Try to reason with Officer Tony? Or b. Defend yourself?

2. Will you a. Attack officer Jason as soon as he enters the room? Or b.

> You say "Woah! Cool it! I'm innocent!"
Your story seems to convince him.
"Alright, you've convinced me, kid."
Unable to control yourself, you punch the officer right in the nose. The force of the punch knocks him out cold.

You steal Officer Tony's uniform and keys and escape the police station. You stay at a Motel Six on the edge of town.
 You're watching the news when you learn that Officer Tanya found the real killer. An escaped mental patient had broken into your car to steal the radio. He stabbed her to death in a rage after she disturbed him.

> You go to Officer Jason's house in the middle of the night and plead your innocence.
You arrive at Officer Jason's house. You knock on the door and he answers. "Hey kid, come on in!" He says, his voice filled with false joy.

You enter the house and sit down. Officer Jason turns on the lights and you see that you are in a room filled with baseball bats. Some have spikes, some are broken, and some have dried blood on them.

He sits down across from you. "Alright kid, let's talk."
You begin to explain what happened.

> You hear a toilet flush. You see Officer Tony walk around the corner into the room.
"You son of a bitch!" you yell, swinging the chair in your hand at him.
The chair breaks against his face. The wood breaks off in your hand, leaving only two legs.

Officer Tony orders his police dog to attack your genitals. 
The dog obeys, and rips your genitals off. You scream in pain as blood begins to pour out of your body. You pass out and die.

You soul floats out of your body and into the dog through the butthole. You are now Officer Tony's dog!!!

You reached the "Judas" ending. This ending is for those who betrayed the police force.

Jim is dead. The police Chief receives an envelope in the mail with contents marked "evidence". It is full of evidence revealing Tony and Jason's crimes.
 Jim's dead body is also found, killed by a shotgun blast to the chest.
You reached the "Lazarus" ending.

As a dog, you run away and find lonely old deli owner named Greg Louies. You befriend him.
 One day while he is at the store, you break into his home. You drink some of his wine and eat some of his food. You also discover a large amount of money in a suitcase.

> You eat some of the money, then you go to a random dog park. You poop out some money, and everyone thinks you are a magical dog.
You become a hero in the dog park, pooping out nickels and dimes.

All the people at the dog park get sick when they use their poop money. An outbreak of pink eye and ecoli spread rampantly throughout the town.


Officer Tony sees you walking the streets and chases after you.
 He catches you and puts you in a shelter for stray dogs.

> You bite off Officer Tony's genitals as you are put in the kennel.
Soon, you find yourself in a high-ranking position in the dog mob.

> You rise in the ranks of the mob until you become the dogfather.
You team up with the cat mafia to assassinate the Mayor.

You tell the Dog Mob that the Mayor is former officer Jason and that you know exactly how to get to him.
 You lead the Dog mob to the station.
Officer Jason is sitting at his desk, filling out paperwork. He looks up just in time to see the horde of dogs plunge their teeth into him.

Officer Jason points to one of the dogs and says, "I knew it was Barkzini all along."
You are a hero at the police force for discovering the identity of Officer Jim's killer. His death leads to an investigation that reveals all of Officer Jim's corruption.